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Creative Ideas for Life and Home –  Cooking, Home, Family, Décor, Gardening, Backyard Chickens, Pure Essential Oils, Biblical Holy Days, Shabbat and much more!

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Creative Ideas for Life and Home

  • Home Life: We want to help you to create a relaxing homey atmosphere inside your home and out that is pleasant to look at and will be a place of refuge from the hustle and bustle of daily life.
  • Joyful Life: We want to help you find joy, happiness, beauty and peace in your life and home, whether you live alone, are a couple or have children in various stages of life.
  • Family Life: We want to share ideas about hospitality, crafting, relationships, families, raising children, parenting and topics specific to women and to share glimpses of our own family life.
  • Food Life: We want to help you feed yourself and your family food that is more nutritious and every bite delicious. Sometimes we want a delectable sweet thing and you can find those things here too.
  • Healthful Life: We want to share some natural ways to improve your health and well-being through therapeutic grade essential oils, healthy food and herbs.

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