12 Reasons to Make Your Own Banners

Shalom BannerBanners are graphic images that are made from fabrics and other soft items. They can display our Faith and Beliefs and remind us of Yahweh and His word.

Did you know that one of  the names for YHWH has to do with banners? It’s true, YHWH Nissi is Hebrew and it means Yahweh my Banner or Yahweh my Miracle (Exodus 17:15) .

Banners can be made out of flag bunting or nylon sail fabric that is made for use out of doors. They can also be made of other fabrics and used inside our homes and congregations. Some of the common indoor fabrics that are used are: cotton quilt fabric, felt, duck or canvas, tissue lame, upholstery fabrics, satin, velveteen, drapery fabric and many specialty bridal or prom fabrics.

So why would you want to make  banners for your home? Here are TWELVE really good reasons to start making them now…

1. They bring glory and honor to YHWH
2. They are visual reminders of who we serve
3. They are visual reminders of biblical concepts and principles
4. They encourage and inspire us to continually walk in His ways
5. They remind us that we are part of Yisrael
6. They can spark conversations with others so that we can share about our beliefs and faith in YHWH and his word
7. They beautify our home
8. They can be used to decorate at Feast Time
9. They can be outlets for the creativity that Yahweh put within us at creation
10. They are interesting and engaging hobbies
11. They can be FUN family craft activities
12. They are much less expensive to make than to purchase

Have you made a banner that expresses your faith?

Tell us about it, we’d love to know.


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  2. […] 12 Reasons to Make Your Own Banners […]

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