15 Plants that Remove Toxins from the Air

Indoor tropical plants are a valuable weapon against illness and indoor air pollution. These 15 indoor plants can help to remove toxins from the air in your home or office. Houseplants have been found to reduce fatigue, coughs, sore throats and other cold-related symptoms by more than 30 percent. They can absorb harmful airborne toxins and improve our indoor air quality, making our homes and offices healthier and less stressful.

Living plants provide many benefits to our health and well-being.  NASA research reveals that there are a number of plants that are excellent at removing indoor toxins from the air. In addition, plants add color and natural beauty to our surroundings, they provide shade from the hot sun, food and medicine for us to eat, essential oils for health and well-being and so much more. Among the wide variety of leaf shapes, colors, blossoms and growth habits there are plants to enhance, almost any décor inside and out. An easy way to bring the outside into our home is through the use of houseplants. Houseplants are not something that man developed. They are actually tropical plants that can live very successfully in our indoor environments and they can add splashes of fresh green color to any room.

Did you know that the color green is known to be soothing and relaxing to our minds and bodies? Bright, lively shades of green help to alleviate depression, nervousness and anxiety. Green living plants are symbolic of life, newness, freshness, renewal, health, and restoration.

All plants produce oxygen through the process of photo-synthesis. So any plant you choose, in addition to the varieties we will share, can increase the concentration of oxygen in your home, will increase humidity levels and help to decrease dust, you heard us, another dust buster.

 Top Indoor Plant Picks that Remove Toxins from the Air
1. Peace Lily
2. Snake Plant
3. Chrysanthemum
4. Palms
5. Dracaenas
6. Spider Plant
7.  Golden Pothos

Even more indoor plants that remove toxins from the air in our homes and offices:

· Heartleaf & Elephant Ear Philodendrons
· Cornstalk Dracaena
· English Ivy
· Weeping Fig Tree
· African Violets
· Christmas Cactus
· Gerbera Daisy
· Phalaenopsis or Moth orchid

To learn more about removing indoor air contaminants in your home with plants, read our report here:

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Fresher air is just a living plant away,

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