Adult Chanukkah Teachings & Resources

Here is a list of various adult chanukkah teachings & resources that we have gleaned from the internet:

Book of Maccabees 1 – here is the New Revised Standard Version

Book of Maccabees 2 – here is the New Revised Standard Version

Josephus in his Antiquities, Book 12 and Book 13

Talmud (tractate shabbat 21b)

Daniel 8:10-14 and 11:16-31

Haggai 2:18

John 10:22 & 23

Daniel Chapter 11 with notes

Messianic Thoughts About Hanukkah – Interesting points given here

Olive Oil Lights: Homemade

How to Celebrate Hanukkah! Mark Biltz


At Hebrew 4 Christians by John Parsons

The Festival of Chanukah

Chanukah and Spiritual Warfare

The true Light that cannot be hidden

Learn the Chanukah Blessings

The Beauty of God’s Truth


Nazarene Space Blog by James Scott Trimm

Channukah: The Miracle of the Oil and the Remnant

Search results for Channukah – various articles

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