Blessings of Sewing & Knitting

collection of knitted and sewing projects and suppliesBoth knitting and sewing are ancient ways of producing fabric based clothing and functional home goods. Both are very tactile crafts that have brought joy, beauty and a feeling of satisfaction to my life.

I am blessed to have learned to do both at a young age and I have continued to learn and increase my skills and abilities. Both of these skills were past down to me from previous generations and I am continuing that tradition. What an accomplishment one receives when you take a flat piece of fabric and needle and thread and turn it into a 3 dimensional garment. The same with knitting, two sticks and a ball of string (yarn really) and some patience and you can create a lovely sweater or coat. It’s amazing!

I enjoy many forms of needlework including cross stitch, embroidery, crewel, needlepoint, and crochet but I especially like to knit and sew. I have been doing both since I was 8 or so years old. My mom taught me how to hand-sew and to use a sewing machine when I was in third grade. Back then I was only interested in being able to make doll clothes. Thankfully, over the years I have continued to develop my sewing skills and have made countless items for our home, as gifts, clothing for myself and my family.


I think sewing is very rewarding and it’s a way to save money. I receive much satisfaction when I have completed a sewing project and can stand back and see the fruits of my labor. By sewing things myself, I have been able to save money and coordinate the items in ways I couldn’t possibly have done if I purchased them at a store. Another benefit is that I am able to alter or repair clothing and other items when needed. It is also fun to recycle an item by turning it into something else that we can use rather than throw it away and have to purchase a replacement. Thanks MOM!!!


Knitting could easily be called one of my passions; I truly enjoy everything about it. My maternal grandmother, taught me to knit when I was 9 years old. She taught me how to knit and purl and encouraged me to knit blocks each using a different stitch pattern. The intention was to sew them together and make an afghan – I made the blocks by the dozens but we never seemed to sew them together.

I gained so many skills by knitting those block. Now I am able to knit an afghan, or cardigan sweater, or hat and gloves, or tea cozy the possibilities are endless. Knitting is a very portable craft that I can take anywhere I go. I have knitted while standing in line, waiting for an appointment or a table at a restaurant, in my car, at the library, at the beach, while camping, at the airport and on the plane, the list could go on and on. Thanks Gram!

By sewing and knitting some of our clothing and household items I feel that I am connected to all those of past generations who came before me. All those men and women who used these skills to clothe there families and add a touch of beauty to their homes because they could not just go out and purchase these items at stores – they didn’t exist. Making some of our own things is another way to walk on an Ancient Path and to lead a simpler life.

What types of items do you make for your self or your family by hand? What items do you knit or crochet? Doyou sew items for your family or home? What do you make and why?

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