Boost Your Immune System and Stay Healthy

Boost Your Immune System and Stay Healthy

Do you know how to boost your immune system? In this article and associated radio broadcast we share several ways to boost your immune system naturally.
We’ll talk about using probiotics and ways to naturally add these beneficial immune boosters to your diet and how to use 100% pure therapeutic grade oregano oil as a natural antibiotic.


When you have been on antibiotics you MUST take probiotics. Antibiotics, especially commercial/pharmaceutical antibiotics will aggressively attack all bacterial organisms in your body, both the beneficial and the ones that cause illness. This means that the natural good bacterial in your intestinal tract are taken out. They are killed off. This negatively impacts your immune system, which will cause you to be much more susceptible to other illnesses that are “going around.”

The elimination of the good / beneficial organisms also, sets up the perfect environment for bad yeasts to begin to flourish in your body. Once firmly established these can continue to thrive and grow to outrageous proportions and cause vaginal yeast infections as well as become a systemic yeast problem. Once the yeast has grown and become systemic it will manifest its self through symptoms that may seem unrelated, such as dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis to name a few.

Probiotics are one of the ways to boost your immune system naturally. “Probiotics are living bacteria that when ingested with food or a nutritional supplement take residence in our gut, mainly in the lower intestines and may influence health in general and specifically,” says Penn State food scientist Bob Roberts.

You can get probiotics through:

  •   Eating yogurt, especially Homemade Yogurt
  •   Drinking a Kefir beverage
  •   Taking a probiotic supplements, such as Remnant Remedy Ultimate Flora

To learn more about probiotics and kefir the natural probiotic powerhouse read our article here. You many also be interested in reading What are Probiotics, an article from Penn State University.

Note: if you are taking a pharmaceutical antibiotic you cannot begin a dairy probiotic regime until you have finished your round of medication.

There are other ways to boost your immune system naturally and to help it fight off infection. Oregano essential oil is the most POWERFUL naturally occurring antibiotic on the planet, according to chemist Paul Dean.

Oregano 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil as an Antibiotic:

Oregano oil is the STRONGEST natural antibiotic on the earth, Abba made it that way. The only Oregano essential oil we would recommend for internal antibiotic use is Remnant Remedy Oregano, which, is a therapeutic/medicinal quality and 100% pure essential oil. To use: open an empty gel capsule, add 2-5 drops of olive oil and 2 drops of oregano oil, close the capsule and take with food. Two to three hours later you can eat or take a probiotic like kefir or yogurt. Repeat 3 times per day for 3 to 5 days depending on how severe your symptoms are at commencement of the pure oregano essential oil regime.

Purchase Oregano Essential Oil Here   Purchase Ultimate Flora Here

If you have any questions about using Remnant Remedy Oregano Oil or Ultimate Flora please contact us, we will be happy to help you.

For more information about pure Oregano essential oil or for additional ideas and suggestions for ways to use this essential oil, read this article on our website: Oregano Essential Oil.

Posey wants to thank Nitza Moshe and Betz Vick for their help with this article and radio show.

There is an audio teaching to go along with this article but we don’t have it uploaded yet. Once we do, an audio player will be inserted here.

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