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Pesach Children & Family Activities

New Additions Scroll to See them!!! Below we have listed some activities that you and your children might enjoy doing as part of your Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread observations. Blood on the Doorpost and Lintels Tape red crepe paper (comes in rolls) across the top of the door frame (lentil) and down the [Read On]

Decorate Your Home For the FEASTs

There are seven Biblical Feasts and two historical holidays (Chanukkah and Purim) throughout the year and we like to do a ‘little’ decorating for each one. This helps to set the Feast times and holidays apart and make them special. There is a Jewish custom, Hiddur Mitzvah which means, the the beautification of a mitzvah [Read On]

Calling ‘Jewish Martha Stewarts’

I found this article very interesting and I wanted to share it with you. It is about, “three women, of different backgrounds who made unique Jewish crafts that transformed their holiday celebrations from ho-hum to making them memorable.” It was written by Penny Schwartz and published by the Jewish Voice and Herald on Friday, March [Read On]

How to Make a Fabric Banner

Fabric banners that show Biblical truths or ideas are a beautiful way to decorate your home. On a larger scale they are lovely additions to a congregational setting. Banners can be hung on a wall, stood in a stand, processed during a Feast Day observance or during times of praise and worship. They are graphical [Read On]

12 Reasons to Make Your Own Banners

Banners are graphic images that are made from fabrics and other soft items. They can display our Faith and Beliefs and remind us of Yahweh and His word. Did you know that one of  the names for YHWH has to do with banners? It’s true, YHWH Nissi is Hebrew and it means Yahweh my Banner [Read On]

Sixties Singers & Our Pets

Avi and I have three indoor pets, two cats and a dog. The dog came first and we got him as a puppy in November of 1999. He is a black and white Shih Tzu that has the sweetest personality. When we brought him home, of course he needed a name and our teenage children [Read On]

Creating the Torah is Life Banner

Many people have asked us how we made the Torah is Life banner and this article shares what we used and how we put it together. We started with the idea of making a worship banner that could be used for the Feast of Shavuot or Feast of Pentecost. We researched the various themes that [Read On]

Prepare the Bride – Exfoliating Skin Scrub

At least twice a year (spring and fall) it is a good idea to give our skin an exfoliating scrub. Here is a fresh and natural exfoliating skin scrub that you can make in your kitchen every Fall when pomegranates are in season. I just learned that some grocers are now making the seeds available [Read On]

Pomegranates & the Bride of Messiah

Throughout Scripture we find various stories about brides, weddings, taking of wives and most of them provide shadows of the qualities that should be a part of the Bride of Messiah. Pomegranates are mentioned in Song of Solomon in conjunction with the Shulamite and this book presents shadows of the Bride and the Messiah Bridegroom. [Read On]

Is Just Saying Grace Really Enough?

Many people have grown up with the idea that before we eat we should say grace. What is grace? According to Wikipedia “saying grace” is an English language phrase that means: to say any number of short prayers prior to eating. The intention of the prayer is to thank God for providing the food. Many [Read On]

Torah is Life Banner

This is the second banner that we made and Avi and I worked on it together. This banner was completed for Shavuot (Feast of Weeks, Pentecost) in 2007.  We tried very hard to have it completed for this Feast because of the symbolism of the banner and the events that Shavuot commemorate, such as: * [Read On]

Shalom Jerusalem Banner

This pretty banner reminds my family to “Pray for the PEACE of Jerusalem” which Scripture instructs us to do (Psalms 122:6.) The banner is a rectangle and measures 20 X 15 1/2 inches. I all of the fabric used in this banner is quilt cotton that I have collected over the years. The background is [Read On]

New Baby Lok Sewing Machines

My mom taught me to hand sew when I was 7 years old. I used to make my own doll clothes this way but wished that I could learn how to use her sewing machine. When I was in third grade, she finally taught me how to use her Singer 501 machine with the knee [Read On]

Tips To Stay Warm During Winter

Here are seven tips to help you stay warm during those cold winter days and nights and save some money too. Drink Hot Tea – I am not a tea drinker as a matter of routine but I learned that drinking hot tea when you are cold is a great way to raise your body [Read On]

Favorite Knitting Resources

Over the years, people have asked me what resources I recommend. The following information includes many of my favorites. Each entry is listed in order of my personal favorites from first to last. Online Supplier Websites: Schoolhouse Press – My favorite online knitting supplier This wonderful knitting supplier was started more than 50 years ago [Read On]