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Images of Faith at Home

I think it is important to have images of our faith throughout our home. I’m not saying that our home should look like a House of Worship that would be a bit too much. However, my faith is important to me and it is the central core of our family life. Why shouldn’t that be [Read On]

Shabbat Banner

This little banner is a constant reminder to my family to keep Shabbat! Exodus 20:18 tells us to remember the Sabbath and to keep it holy. The word Sabbath in our English Bibles is  pronounced ShaBAT in Hebrew. This banner hangs on a door in our dining room that leads into our pantry. Everyday, someone [Read On]

Blessings of Sewing & Knitting

Both knitting and sewing are ancient ways of producing fabric based clothing and functional home goods. Both are very tactile crafts that have brought joy, beauty and a feeling of satisfaction to my life. I am blessed to have learned to do both at a young age and I have continued to learn and increase [Read On]

Our Food & Eating Philosophy

In other words, why we eat the way we do ~ Let’s face it… we’re not all the same, are we? Your family may not have the same food or health beliefs as mine but you’re probably willing to grow and learn new things, right? So am I and I’m learning new things all the [Read On]

Dress Warm to Stay Warm

It’s cold here today and even inside my house it seems cold; so I am trying to stay warm. When I was younger I would have just turned up the thermostat so that the room temperature would be warmer. Some days that meant that it needed to be pushed up to 76 degrees to compensate [Read On]

Knit Together in Love

Knitting could easily be called one of my passions. I truly enjoy everything about this ancient craft: Planning the project (selecting the design, yarn and needle size) Knitting the gauge swatch Casting on and beginning knitting process Finishing the last stitches and doing the finishing work Seeing, giving and using the completed hand knit project. [Read On]

A Short History of Hand Knitting

Today, if you want a sweater or need new socks, a hat or scarf or gloves you just go to the store and buy them – no work involved. Those items were made in huge factories on large knitting machines by the thousands. But it hasn’t always been so easy in the past…

My Knitting Life

My maternal grandmother, taught me to knit when I was 9 years old. She taught me how to knit and purl and encouraged me to knit blocks each using a different stitch pattern. The intention was to eventually sew them together and make an afghan. I made the blocks by the dozens but we never [Read On]

Common Abbreviations in Knitting Directions

Pattern instructions can be confusing, especially for the new knitter. I have compiled a list of some of the most common abbreviations used in hand knitting instructions and patterns and what they really mean to the knitter. 

Casting On, it’s Not about Fishing

In knitting there are many, many ways to cast on and not all cast on methods are created equal. Each cast on method seems to have its own special application and benefits as well as some clear disadvantages. It’s important to learn some of the basic methods and when they can be used to your [Read On]

Celebrating Yom Teruah

We had a blessed time observing and celebrating Yom Teruah with friends at our home this year. Here is a glimpse of our time together…Nine of us gathered for dinner and Avi lead us in the Kiddush and HaMotzi blessings and we asked the most beautiful voice in the house (Miss Cindy) to lead us [Read On]

Amazing Benefits of Knitting

If you thought knitting or crochet was just for old grannies…think again. We have comprised a list of nearly three dozen health and well being benefits you can receive from engaging in hand knitting & crocheting. People of all ages from 6 or 7 year olds to mid-life and beyond can learn to knit or [Read On]

More Tips for New Knitters

Here are eight more tips for new knitters!    

Eight Tips for New Knitters

Here are eight important tips to help you be more successful and make the process of knitting easier.  

Public Transportation Tips for Knitters

Since September 11, 2001, I have traveled across the country and overseas using air transportation and I have been able to knit on every trip. I have only had one episode and that was with a passenger on a flight in October, just a month after the September 11th events. We were sitting beside each [Read On]