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What is Shepherds Pie?

What is Shepherds Pie? This delightful main dish comes to us mainly from England, Scotland and Ireland and in its simplest form is a meat pie topped with mashed potatoes. But that barely scratches the surface when describing this delicious comfort food. It is amazing how people spell or misspell the name of this hearty [Read On]

Health Boosting Citrus Trees to Grow In Containers

Citrus fruits are loaded with antioxidants and health boosting properties. Have you wondered which varieties grow best in containers and provide healthful benefits too? Well look no farther, we have listed some of the health benefits you can receive and which varieties to grow year round in containers. Read on to learn more about the [Read On]

Tips for Eating Healthier When You’re In A Hurry

Everyone seems busier than ever before, so how can we eat healthier when we are in a hurry? Here are some Tips for Eating Healthier When You’re In A Hurry Most experts say the #1 Tip is Pre-Planning I hear you groaning and saying, “Oh no, we have enough to do already. I can’t possibly [Read On]

Instant Food vs Real Food

Instant Food vs Real Food – a look at processed food and real, nutritious food. We are all busy with work, raising children or grandchildren, farm or garden chores, spiritual life activities, home businesses, etc. We seem to rush from one place to the next and some people feel like they are always rushing – [Read On]

Unhealthy Food Additives and Ingredients

  Here is a good beginning list of unhealthy food additives and ingredients that you might want to eliminate or limit from your diet. There are likely more extensive lists on the information superhighway, so if you know of other sources, please share the links with us in the comment box below.   Specific Unhealthy Food [Read On]

Broth, Stock and Bouillon: What’s the Difference?

Have you ever wondered “Broth, Stock and Bouillon: What’s the Difference?” Even the experts seem to disagree. So, me the amateur, will try to explain the subtle differences between each and share a few stock making tips I’ve learned over the past 30+ years of making my own broth, stock and soups. Did you know [Read On]

Natural Flavors and MSG are they Harmful?

The frustration I feel when I go to the grocery store is mounting! Each year it becomes harder and harder to find products that don’t contain unhealthy ingredients or even “real food”. More and more products on the grocer’s shelves are highly processed and contain harmful chemicals, additives, artificial ingredients, preservatives and unclean ingredients. I [Read On]

Top 12 Healthiest Foods on Earth

Nutritional experts consistently list these foods as some of the Top 12 Healthiest Foods on Earth. These foods are loaded with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants and they are natural whole foods that help us to sustain good health. Eating plenty of fresh whole foods, like fruits, grains, vegetables, eggs, nuts and sprouts provides our bodies [Read On]

Make Healthy Bread and Boost Your Nutrition

I want to share some information and resources so that you can make healthy bread and boost your nutrition level at home. Homemade bread smells wonderful and is delicious to eat but just because it’s homemade doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Using store bought flour that hasn’t been in the freezer means the flour has lost [Read On]

Healthy in a Hurry Cookbook

How would you like a cookbook that has really nutritious, healthy, quick to make, fun to eat, and TASTY recipes that could be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time?!!!!! Oh, I forgot to tell you that these recipes will be perfect for busy people on the go and for families and children or [Read On]

The Truth About Store Bought Eggs & Chicken

Store bought eggs and chicken, we never gave them much thought until we began to learn in what kind of conditions commercial chickens are raised. The modern, commercial/industrial egg farms do provide lots of eggs for people who don’t raise their own hens but the conditions in which they are raised are inhumane, in our [Read On]

Meet Real Free-Range Eggs – Mother Earth News

By Cheryl Long and Tabitha Alterman Original Article at Mother Earth News Most of the eggs currently sold in supermarkets are nutritionally inferior to eggs produced by hens raised on pasture. That’s the conclusion we have reached following completion of the 2007 Mother Earth News egg testing project. Our testing has found that, compared to [Read On]

The Smallest Lamb Roast On Earth

Last year we made the smallest lamb roast on earth and here is why. I am a wife and mom and I think BIG. Well what I mean is I think BIG when it comes to cooking meals. I like to make extra so that we can enjoy the work of our hands for several [Read On]

Flowing With Milk & Honey Recipes

This page lists all of the recipes for the Flowing with Milk and Honey Teaching. To read the companion posts just follow these links: Flowing with MILK and Honey Part 2 Flowing with Milk and HONEY Part 3 To listen to the audio teaching, use the links at the bottom of the posts listed above. [Read On]

Pomegranates: Full of Healthful Rubies

I love pomegranates! I love the way they look, their taste and versatility and all the beautiful Biblical symbolism that we can see within them. Pomegranates are healthful and edible rubies. To listen to the audio teaching that corresponds to this articled use the audio player below or right click to download it to your [Read On]