Posey Salem's Recipes

Posey Salem shares some of her favorite recipes and adds a touch of gourmet to the everyday!

Beef Shepherds Pie Recipe

My son recently asked for my Beef Shepherds Pie Recipe so I thought that I would share it with you, my dear readers. This meal is one of my children’s favorites because it is warm, tasty and typical of the foods they list as “comfort food.” Meat, vegetables, mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese are the [Read On]

Ground Beef Seasoning Mix Recipe

When you cook, do you like to use commercially prepared seasoning salt or ground beef or hamburger seasoning mix? What about national brands such as Lawry’s seasoned salt? Are you worried about MSG and other unnamed ingredients that are typically found in commercial seasoning preparations? I was too. So I stopped buying them but our [Read On]

Broth, Stock and Bouillon: What’s the Difference?

Have you ever wondered “Broth, Stock and Bouillon: What’s the Difference?” Even the experts seem to disagree. So, me the amateur, will try to explain the subtle differences between each and share a few stock making tips I’ve learned over the past 30+ years of making my own broth, stock and soups. Did you know [Read On]

Irish Seeded Brown Bread Recipe

This Irish Seeded Brown Bread is a rustic peasant bread made with whole grains and seeds; pumpkin, poppy, flax, sunflower and  sesame. A variation of it is served all over Ireland at any time of day. It is especially good slathered with Kerry Gold Irish Butter and served with hearty cream soups, like our Creamy [Read On]

Creamy Winter Root Vegetable Soup Recipe

I was first introduced to this creamy winter root vegetable soup recipe while visiting Ireland. I was there during the last week of April and first week of May. It was a chilly 40 to 50 degrees during the day and cooler at night. During those two weeks nearly every place we stopped for lunch [Read On]

Onion Broccoli Quiche Recipe

Quiches are a delicious and elegant way to serve eggs, cheese and vegetables together in a flaky crust. We love quiche and make it several different ways. This Onion Broccoli Quiche Recipe uses farm fresh eggs from our backyard flock of chickens. Sweet cream from a Jersey cow, fresh locally grown broccoli, sweet onion, and [Read On]

Kale Lemon Salad Recipe

This crunchy kale lemon salad recipe is delicious and very healthy. You can prepare it quickly and vary the taste by using different fruits or by adding seeds or nuts. Suggestions are give in the recipe notes below. I think this salad is addictive . It pairs nicely with so many foods you should try [Read On]

Butterscotch No Bake Cookie Recipe

My first venture in to the world of No Bake Cookies resulted in a Butterscotch No Bake Cookie Recipe that I would like to share with you.We recently had friends over for dinner and they have 4 children. I wanted to make something sweet for dessert that I knew the children would enjoy but it [Read On]

Make Healthy Bread and Boost Your Nutrition

I want to share some information and resources so that you can make healthy bread and boost your nutrition level at home. Homemade bread smells wonderful and is delicious to eat but just because it’s homemade doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Using store bought flour that hasn’t been in the freezer means the flour has lost [Read On]

Spicy Cream of Tomato Soup Recipe & A Funny Story

I really enjoy tomato soup and here is my super easy and super quick Spicy Cream of Tomato Soup Recipe. It has gourmet flavor and a surprising spicy kick. But first a funny story…When I was growing up I used to help my mom out in the summers by baby-sitting my youngest sister (we are [Read On]

Chanukkah Chicken & Olives

This is my favorite Chanukkah main dish and we look forward to it every year. Even though we refer to it as Chanukkah Chicken & Olives, we enjoy it so much that we do make it several times a year. Often I change or adapt recipes but this one is so great just as written. [Read On]

Potato Latke Recipe

Oh I just love Potato Latkes! We eat them throughout the year not just at Chanukkah. I like to eat them with sour cream on top that is sprinkled with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper. Sometimes I like to eat Potato Latkes with applesauce on the side. We prefer our latkes to be somewhat [Read On]

Orange & Apple Kugel

Kugels are an Ashkenazic Jewish side dish typically served during Shabbat and the Festivals. They usually incorporate wide egg noodles and sweet or savory ingredients. This Orange & Apple Kugel makes a nice contrast to savory foods or can be used as a not too sweet dessert. Noodle Kugels can be made using a wide [Read On]

Irish Guinness Stew

Guinness is a national institution in Ireland.  This dark brown stout is unbelievably loaded with iron and other vitamins and minerals. The Irish people drink lots of it and it’s no surprise that someone a very long time ago, came up with the idea for Irish Guinness Stew! Interesting health tip ~ very often doctors [Read On]

Salem Whole Wheat Challah

This delicious braided egg bread is traditional for Shabbat. It goes well with soups, salads, and for sandwiches. My family thinks it makes awesome French Toast too. This recipe for Salem Whole Wheat Challah is our family’s favorite version. Yield: 2 good sized loaves (approximately 16 to 18 slices each) To bag the bread for [Read On]