Posey Salem's Recipes

Posey Salem shares some of her favorite recipes and adds a touch of gourmet to the everyday!

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – Sprouted Flour

I have never tried to make flour from sprouted grain but I know that it is highly nutritious when prepared this way. When we sprout seeds, grains or beans it multiplies the nutritional values and makes those nutrients more bio-available to our bodies.

Pierogi Recipe

Avi and I both grew up eating Pierogies and his mom made the best ever. Traditionally they are made as below with potato-cheese filling but we have had them with sauerkraut filling and a dessert variety with prune filling. We enjoy eating them with many foods but especially like to eat them with sauerkraut and [Read On]

Kefir Cream Cheese

This is similar in flavor and texture to the condensed yogurt-type curd Lebneh of the Middle East. It can be used in recipes that call for ricotta, cottage cheese and cream cheese (including Philadelphia brand cream cheese.) It is delicious as a spread on bagels, crackers and crusty bread. Use as one of the ingredients [Read On]

Kefir Sour Cream Replacement

It is very easy to make a sour cream replacement from kefir. You just need to plan ahead and allow gravity to help you do the work! It tastes just like sour cream and can be used in recipes and as toppings for potatoes, Mexican foods, Black Bean Soup, just use your imagination.

Frozen Fruit Kefir Smoothie

This smoothie is cool and delicious and makes a wonderful and healthy Breakfast in a glass. You can use fresh fruit but the frozen fruit is available all year long and makes this smoothie like a milkshake. Try it as a Bedtime snack – the Tryptophan  in the kefir will help you to relax and fall [Read On]

Creamy Herb Parmesan Salad Dressing

This salad dressing uses Kefir instead of yogurt and it is a delicious way to boost the nutrition of a fresh garden salad with all of its raw enzyme goodness.

Cabbage & Noodles

by Posey Salem This is a delicious dish familiar to many eastern European countries. Many Jewish families adopted this dish because it is easy to make, inexpensive, can be easily doubled and is very nutritious. It can be served as a main vegetarian entrée or as a side dish to accompany  roast chicken or beef [Read On]

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

By Posey Salem Thiry years ago a lady that I worked with made these cookies and brought them to work. At first I thought the combination of chocolate and pumpkin was a terrible idea – until I tasted them. Oh they are so good, soft, moist and delicious – now they are my favorite homemade [Read On]

Homemade Breads

Over the last couple weeks, I decided to clean off all the bits and scraps stuck with magnets to the side of my fridge. I found a multitude of recipes that I constantly use, and I decided to type them all onto one sheet of paper, so my fridge would look better. >> You can [Read On]

Taloma – Middle Eastern Bread

This delightful bread is well known throughout the Middle East. It goes well with soups and salads and saucy meat dishes. We cut it into wedges or just rip off pieces and use them to scoop up the food to eat it. Avi loves to eat this traditional Middle Eastern way ~ no flatware. Taloma [Read On]

Links for Healthy Bread Making

For me it was  difficult to make the switch from using white flour to whole wheat flour when baking. It is a known fact that refined and bleached white flour bakes up lighter and fluffier, the texture is softer and the taste milder. Unfortunately there are NO nutritional or health benefits from using bagged white [Read On]