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Using herbs, food, essential oils and natural things to help us be healthier and increase our well-being.

Ways to Use Cedarwood Essential Oil

I love Remnant Remedy Cedarwood pure essential oil. The fragrance is soft, woodsy and relaxing. It definitely helps me to relax and be calm when things are making me anxious, upset or depressed. Diffusing this oil will help you to be calm and relaxed too. Just imagine the wonderful fragrance that emanated from Solomon’s Temple. [Read On]

Vetiver Essential Oil

VETIVER (Vetiver zizanioides): FA, FL ~ Wild: Haiti (Hydro-Distilled) Vetiver essential oil comes from a family of grasses and is known in India as the “oil of tranquility”. It is botanically related to the grass families of Lemongrass and Citronella. Scent: strong earthy scent (similar to patchouli) with a fresh lemon-like finish Safety Bit: Use [Read On]

Lemon Essential Oil

(Citrus limonum) pressed peel – USA The pressed peel variety of Lemon Essential Oil always contains more therapeutic properties but it has a shorter shelf life of about three years. Our distilled variety has an indefinite shelf life but we sacrifice some in the therapeutic quality. Lemons, with their delightful sunny color remind us of [Read On]

Lavender Essential Oil

(Lavandula angustifolia) OG Lavender essential oil come from a plant that is part of the mint family of herbs. This essential oil has been used for centuries for its healing properties and delightful fragrance. Lavender essential oil is an adaptogen and known to bring the body into balance and to work wherever there is a [Read On]

Help for Insomnia

Many people have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, especially as we grow older. This article is beneficial for both men and women but addresses issues for women who are going through Menopause or who are Post-Menopausal. However, much of the information can also be applied to men and women of all ages.     [Read On]

Lavender Essential Oil – Like France in a Bottle!

The smell of fresh Lavender blossoms is wonderful. I love to rub my hands along the stems and blossoms and transfer some of the essential oil from the plant to my hands. Then I just hold my hands to my face and inhale slowly. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh you can almost feel the stress and tension begin to [Read On]

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood essential oil: (Cedrus deodora) ~ wild from the Himalayas The fragrant wood of the cedar tree has long been known as an insect repellent, and the beautiful wood has been used in buildings and dwellings since antiquity. The Temple that Solomon built contained cedarwood that lined the walls of the Holy of Holies. Cedar [Read On]

More Help to Beat Brain Fog

I’ve been talking about natural ways to Beat Brain Fog and this is Part 2 of a two part teaching on that subject.  The photo on the left is an image of a healthy active brain neuron communicating important information that our body needs. There are many simple things that we can do to help [Read On]

Blends of Sandalwood Essential Oil

Contains: Sandalwood from India, Indonesia, Australia, Africa and West Indies. Sandalwood is one of the Biblical oils and it has been used by ancient peoples all over the world and is still considered a powerful and much loved essential oil. It is mentioned in the Song of Solomon and it has a lovely soft fragrance. [Read On]

Serenity Essential Oil Blend

The 100% pure essential oils from the citrus family that are part of this synergistic blend are among those in a 1995 study that found that citrus fragrances boosted immunity, induced relaxation and reduced depression. The Ylang ylang Extra in the blend is known to combat anger and low self-esteem, it restores confidence and peace. [Read On]

Focus for Enhanced Concentration

This synergistic blend of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils is formulated to assist with memory retention and mental alertness.  It helps to BOOST low energy and may keep someone from going into shock immediately after an injury or trauma. It’s one of Posey’s favorite essential oil blends from Remnant Remedy. The aroma of this blend [Read On]

Brainstorm for Enhanced Brain Function

This synergistic (blend) was formulated to assist the brain when extra thinking power and concentration is needed. These SHeMeN (oils) are high in sesquiterpenes which cross the blood brain barrier and assist in carrying oxygen to the pineal and pituitary glands. Brainstorm is a help to our whole body when when temporary relief is needed from [Read On]

Symptoms of Brain Fog

Brain Fog is becoming more prevalent and wide spread all over America. What is Brain Fog? This two word phrase is not a medical term, however, it is a “catch phrase” or “umbrella term” that is given to a wide number of symptoms. There are a number of contributing factors or causes that can be [Read On]

Eleven Basic Essential Oils – Audio Teaching

Would you like to learn about the eleven most ESSENTIAL oils and blends? Then join the Remnant Mama’s Posey & Nitza as they share about all the wonderful things you need to know. These podcasts were originally broadcast on the Remnant Mama Radio Show on Hebrew Nation Radio. Basic First Aid Chest / Kit 1 [Read On]

Lemon Essential Oil – Why I Love It!

I have always loved the smell of fresh citrus! There is something about the scent of lemons and other citrus that is refreshing, uplifting and invigorating. When I am feeling down or tired the scent of lemons and other citrus fruits always lifts my mood and makes me feel better. Lemon essential oil – why [Read On]