Hawaiian Lanai Pictures: Our Outdoor Living Space

So what is a lanai? The word lanai, is Hawaiian, and is pronounced; lə-ˈnī and rhymes with rib eye. It most often refers to outdoor areas such as a porch or patio. It can be covered by an awning, roof or canopy and is a place to sit and relax and enjoy the out-of-doors. Lanais [Read On]

Grow Plants to Repel Insects

We love to grow herbs. We use them in our cooking, salads and for medicinal purposes. Did you know that it’s easy to Grow Plants to Repel Insects? It’s true! Most of the herbs in the list below, can be grown in a permanent bed, in large pots or containers and some can be grown [Read On]

How to Preserve the Smell of Fresh Gardenias

I love the heady smell of fresh gardenias but the blooms are not long lived and the fragrance is soon gone. I try to take advantage of our blooming bushes by sitting near them, especially in the evening when their intoxicating fragrance is stronger. Would you like to capture this fragrance in a bottle and [Read On]

The Intoxicating Smell of Gardenias

Summer is arriving here in Coastal Carolina and the gardenia bushes have started to bloom. Here is a photo of our first blossom this year. We love the intoxicating smell of Gardenias in bloom. How can you describe this fragrance? To me the smell of gardenia is… Floral like jasmine Heavy like thick cream Sweet [Read On]

Growing and Using Bee Balm, Bergamot and Monarda

Our lovely Bee Balm is blooming in the Herb bed and the bees are a buzzing. This plant is from the Monarda family. Another name for this beautiful herb is Wild Bergamot because some varieties have a mild citrus taste like the Bergamot Orange. These plants have beautiful showy blossoms with square stems and opposing [Read On]

Spring in Yisrael

I just had to share this photo and quote by Keren Hannah Pryor. “Spring – Aviv in Israel – wild flowers cover the Land – a glowing carpet sprinkled with bright red poppies – the blood of the Passover Lamb – signalling freedom and redemption – looking to the light – anticipating the arrival of [Read On]

Pergola Perfect

A pergola is an architectural garden feature that makes a shaded sitting area or walkway. It consists of vertical posts that support cross-beams which make a sturdy framework to support woody vines. I have always loved pergolas and gazebos. When we were building our English Cottage Garden in place of a back yard my husband [Read On]

Herbs We Grow: Medicinal & Culinary

We love fresh Herbs and we use them for medicinal purposes and to cook with. I love to go outside and rub my hand along a leaf or stem and then hold it to my nose and breathe in the beneficial essential oils that are naturally occurring in the herbs. I also love to take [Read On]