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Welcome to a Home Life! There is a lot in this part of my website. You will find articles about: organizing and cleaning, home decor ideas, being safe in your home, creative craft ideas including sewing, knitting and more, and finally information about gardening, herbs and my love - raising backyard chickens.

Baby Chicks for Passover!

Last June, to our surprise one of our Australorps decided to go broody. Why was that a surprise? Because the Australorp breed of chicken does not usually exhibit the mothering characteristic of “Broodiness.” This is when a hen has laid enough eggs to be a clutch (in her mind any way) and her hormones change [Read On]

Spring in Yisrael

I just had to share this photo and quote by Keren Hannah Pryor. “Spring – Aviv in Israel – wild flowers cover the Land – a glowing carpet sprinkled with bright red poppies – the blood of the Passover Lamb – signalling freedom and redemption – looking to the light – anticipating the arrival of [Read On]

Pergola Perfect

A pergola is an architectural garden feature that makes a shaded sitting area or walkway. It consists of vertical posts that support cross-beams which make a sturdy framework to support woody vines. I have always loved pergolas and gazebos. When we were building our English Cottage Garden in place of a back yard my husband [Read On]

Decorate Your Home For the FEASTs

There are seven Biblical Feasts and two historical holidays (Chanukkah and Purim) throughout the year and we like to do a ‘little’ decorating for each one. This helps to set the Feast times and holidays apart and make them special. There is a Jewish custom, Hiddur Mitzvah which means, the the beautification of a mitzvah [Read On]

Calling ‘Jewish Martha Stewarts’

I found this article very interesting and I wanted to share it with you. It is about, “three women, of different backgrounds who made unique Jewish crafts that transformed their holiday celebrations from ho-hum to making them memorable.” It was written by Penny Schwartz and published by the Jewish Voice and Herald on Friday, March [Read On]

How to Clean a Shofar Horn

There is a lot information on the internet, that tells us on how to care for and how to clean a shofar horn – some good, some not so good. After sorting through this information and consulting with experts, the following are our best suggestions. How to Store a Shofar Store out of direct sunlight [Read On]

Feeding Your Flock

Feed for Your Flock There are many poultry feed manufacturers and a wide variety of feeds available. We recommend that you do a little research on the internet at some of the chicken forums, like backyard chickens and see what other chicken raisers are using and why or why not. Baby Chicks up to 16 [Read On]

Herbs We Grow: Medicinal & Culinary

We love fresh Herbs and we use them for medicinal purposes and to cook with. I love to go outside and rub my hand along a leaf or stem and then hold it to my nose and breathe in the beneficial essential oils that are naturally occurring in the herbs. I also love to take [Read On]

Shalom Jerusalem Banner

This pretty banner reminds my family to “Pray for the PEACE of Jerusalem” which Scripture instructs us to do (Psalms 122:6.) The banner is a rectangle and measures 20 X 15 1/2 inches. I all of the fabric used in this banner is quilt cotton that I have collected over the years. The background is [Read On]

Our Nest Box Units

Our first flock of chickens started to lay during the last week week of October and we didn’t have next boxes installed yet. I actually thought that they wouldn’t lay until Spring so I was caught by surprise! My husband was at work and I didn’t want to encourage the young pullets to just lay [Read On]

Our Chicken Coop Layout

Our current chicken coop is a refitted shed that was on the property when we purchased it last year. The shed is circa 1950 and is just a wooden frame with sheet tin for the walls. Sometime in the past 12 years the exterior was covered in vinyl siding and electricity was added. It has [Read On]

Essentials for the Chicken Coop

There are two basic types of chicken coops: stationary coops and movable Chicken Tractors. Chicken Tractors are made of light-weight materials, usually have at least two wheels and have a permanently fenced run area attached to them. They are small and are intended to be moved around the yard or property so that the chickens [Read On]

Chicken Foraging & Outdoor Life

Chickens thrive when they have a clean, safe, natural outdoor place to live and to forage for food during their daytime hours. Foraging will make up 50% of their daytime activities and part of their diet, the rest of their diet will be provided by you in the way of feed.     To listen [Read On]

Choosing Chicken Breeds to Raise

Each breed of chicken has its own physical, social and laying characteristics. Some are better suited to high production egg laying and are used in commercial egg laying operations but can be flighty and high strung. Other breeds are best suited for backyard flocks and lay well but also have wonderful temperaments. Still other breeds [Read On]

Images of Faith at Home

I think it is important to have images of our faith throughout our home. I’m not saying that our home should look like a House of Worship that would be a bit too much. However, my faith is important to me and it is the central core of our family life. Why shouldn’t that be [Read On]