Posey's Joys

Posey shares simple joys that she finds in everyday life, inspirational graphics and funny memories.

Forgotten Shoes?

Have you ever…forgotten shoes? I don’t mean that you left the house without shoes on your feet or that you left them behind at someone’s home or at work. I mean, have you ever forgot that you even had them? How is it possible to purchase a pair of shoes on sale and off-season, in [Read On]

Fulness of Joy

                                          In thy presence is fulness of Joy! Psalm 16:11

Chocolate Colored Eggs!

Last April 3rd, we had a broody mama chicken, hatch out 4 baby chicks from hatching eggs that we purchased from a local breeder. Of those chicks, we only had one girl who is now 5 1/2 months old. We were so surprised when she laid her first egg at only 41/2 months! That’s early, [Read On]

Spicy Cream of Tomato Soup Recipe & A Funny Story

I really enjoy tomato soup and here is my super easy and super quick Spicy Cream of Tomato Soup Recipe. It has gourmet flavor and a surprising spicy kick. But first a funny story…When I was growing up I used to help my mom out in the summers by baby-sitting my youngest sister (we are [Read On]

New Video Added – Carly and the Cardinal

Hi, I added a new video to our website, entitled ~ Carly and the Cardinal. It’s about a crazy male cardinal that bangs on our windows and taunts both of our cats, especially Miss Carly. Check it out for a smile Carly and the Cardinal

Carly and the Cardinal

We have had a crazy male cardinal banging ALL of our windows and doors for two weeks from sun up to sun down…every single day! He taunts our kitty Miss Carly…See for your self.

Blessing Complete Strangers

I want to share this story about blessing complete strangers. The world we now live in can be a  scary place where people pretend to care or want to help only so that they can profit from it or do you harm. It can also be a  cold and self satisfying place where everyone seems [Read On]

Planting Poem

By Dick Wilmes I took a little seed one day About a month ago. I put it in a pot of dirt, In hopes that it would grow. I poured a little water To make the soil right. I set the pot upon the sill, Where the sun would give it light. I checked the [Read On]

Gabby’s Baby Chicks – Video

Here is a short video of the baby chicks that hatched out just days before Passover. Gabriella is one of the four chicks that hatched from the small clutch we put under our first ever Broody Hen, named Vera. Those chicks hatched out last July 1st and now one of them, a hen named Gabriella, [Read On]

Baby Chicks for Passover!

Last June, to our surprise one of our Australorps decided to go broody. Why was that a surprise? Because the Australorp breed of chicken does not usually exhibit the mothering characteristic of “Broodiness.” This is when a hen has laid enough eggs to be a clutch (in her mind any way) and her hormones change [Read On]

My Skylight

We have had some very dark and rainy days this past week and inside my house it just seems dark. I spend most of my day working at my desk and on the computer and so I am inside quite a bit. When it is dark outside during the day, it gets to me. I [Read On]

Remembering Blondie

This week one of my hens died of complications from being egg bound. She was an awesome girl and I will always remember Blondie! This funny hen was given to us by some dear friends who could not keep her any longer. Blondie was a Silkie and Buff Orpington mixture. I didn’t name her, the [Read On]

Winter’s Rest

It’s January and we are smack in the middle of winter. The Creator of the Universe gave us the changing seasons and each has a purpose for the earth and our life. Winter is the time for quiet and rest it is the time to recharge the earth and ourselves.  The landscape is a bit [Read On]