Spiritual Life

Sharing information and inspiration for your spiritual life and ways to live a life set apart for YHWH or as we pronounce it Yahweh. The Bible instructs us to be set apart as Yahweh is set apart. Here you can find articles about how to observe and celebrate the Biblical Feasts, praise and worship and teachings on a variety of Biblical and spiritual topics.

Psalm 23:4: The Valley of the Shadow of Death

We have been working our way through Psalm 23 and this is part two of that series. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil. For you are with me; your rod and your staff comfort me. Psalm 23:4 This verse implies much love, care and provision [Read On]

Shepherds, Sheep and Psalm 23

Part One in the Series Let’s take a brief look at shepherds and sheep and what life in the flock might be like. This is the first post in a series about Shepherds and Sheep and Psalm 23. The word “shepherd” in Hebrew is Strongs number H7462, Raw-aw and it means keeper, shepherd, to tend [Read On]

Messianic Pesach Guide

This four page Messianic Pesach Guide (Passover Guide) provides a quick over-view about this Biblical Feast Day and why we observe and celebrate it today. It is not a Haggadah but a search on the internet will provide many traditional Jewish Passover Haggadahs and you can find Messianic versions also. Pesach, pronounced pay-sock, is the [Read On]

Understand and Celebrate Purim

Purim is just around the corner and I’ve put together a variety of resources to help you understand and celebrate Purim.  What is Purim? It is a Hebrew word that is pronounced “pur-eem” and it comes from a Persian word for lots, as in casting lots. This is the Jewish holiday that remembers (zachar) and [Read On]

Yom Teruah Thoughts

We came across this article and found it to be very interesting. Avram shares many interesting thoughts about what scripture has to say concerning Yom Teruah. He also shares some ideas contrary to many popular Messianic and Torah opinions. We don’t necessarily agree or endorse everything that he has written but we believe it is [Read On]

Tzedakah Giving to Others

Tzedakah Giving to Others: Doing What is Right Tzedakah is a Hebrew word that comes from the word tzedek, which means justice or what is right. Throughout Torah it is used to mean righteousness. Within the scriptures both the TaNaK and the Renewed Covenant we clearly see the principle of charity or caring for and [Read On]

Siddur for Netzarim – Resource

Both of us (Avi & Posey) regularly pray some of the traditional Jewish prayers that can be found in a Jewish Siddur. What is a Siddur? Over the years we have reviewed many different Jewish Siddurs but never felt that we could pray the prayers exactly as written. We have looked at a few Messianic [Read On]

Torah and the Word of God

We want to share a few of our thoughts about Torah and the Word of God who we acknowledge as YHWH or Yahweh. The word TORAH can mean: the 1st five books of Moshe the whole Old Testament the whole Bible instructions and teachings – Torah is both law (instructions) and revelation – Torah is [Read On]

Personal Prayer for Shalom

Do you need peace today? Have you struggled with fear and feelings of anxiety? Do the things that you see ahead of you cause you to tremble and be faint-hearted? You are in good company because many of our Heroes in Scripture felt the very same way at times. Here is a personal prayer for [Read On]

How to Make Large Outdoor Menorah

Last year (2011) I told Avi that I would like a large outdoor menorah to put in our yard for Chanukkah. When we were at Sukkot last year, friends (the Jennings Family) brought a large outdoor 7 branched menorah that they had made. We both liked it and said we should make one to use [Read On]

Dreidel – Springboard for Learning the Hebrew Aleph Bet

Did you know that you can use the simple children’s top we call a “dreidel” as a springboard for learning the Hebrew Aleph Bet? It’s a great way to start learning the letters of the Hebrew alphabet or “aleph bet.” The simple spinning top that in Hebrew is called a sevivon and in yiddish a [Read On]

Sukkot Celebration Ideas

  Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles is the last of the Feast celebrations for the Biblical year. It usually occurs sometime during the month of October, depending on the beginning of each new Biblical year. Scripture tells us to build sukkahs and to live in them for eight days. Having just finished celebrating this [Read On]

Sukkot Banners: Rejoice!

Fabric banners can be used as a visual display of our beliefs and faith. I like to make them for both the inside of our home and those that can be used out-of-doors too. I want to share with you our two Sukkot Banners: Rejoice and Yahweh. Both of these banners were made to be [Read On]

Lessons from Psalm 100 Verse 2

There are many lessons from Psalm 100 that teach us about how to praise and worship the Lord our God. This is Part 2 in the Psalm 100 Series. The Net Bible at www.bible.org says, “The psalmist celebrates the fact that Israel has a special relationship to God and summons worshipers to praise the Lord [Read On]

Lessons from Psalm 100 Verse 3

Part 3 in the Psalm 100 Series There are many lessons from Psalm 100 that teach us about how to praise and worship the Lord our God. The Net Bible at www.bible.org says, “The psalmist celebrates the fact that Israel has a special relationship to God and summons worshipers to praise the Lord for his [Read On]