Hebrew Roots – Messianic – Torah Resources

Resource List for Hebrew Roots Information The information listed below contains teachers and items we like and would recommend. Note: Torah is = the 1st five books of the Bible, the whole Old Testament, the whole Bible Torah Teachers The following lists most of our favorite teachers and their websites. Many have free teachings available [Read On]

Teshuvah Cause Us to Return

Remnant Mama LIVE Radio Show ~ Cause Us to Return Aired 8.23.201 Podcast Powered By Podbean This episode of the Remnant Mama Show was recorded LIVE and Posey’s guest was Brian Robertson of Toby’s Place. Together they share about our need to return to Yahweh’s set apart ways, to have a repentant heart and what [Read On]

Cereal, Ammonia and pagan god names?

For everyone using the Julian calendar Happy New Year! As I changed the page on our Messianic calendar a week ago I began to think about the names of the months and days of the week. Thought I would share some information about the names of pagan gods and how those names have been handed [Read On]

Spring in Yisrael

I just had to share this photo and quote by Keren Hannah Pryor. “Spring – Aviv in Israel – wild flowers cover the Land – a glowing carpet sprinkled with bright red poppies – the blood of the Passover Lamb – signalling freedom and redemption – looking to the light – anticipating the arrival of [Read On]

Happy Healthy Homey and Set Apart

Why did I start this website? Because I am attempting to live a life that is happier, healthier, to make my home feel homey and peaceful and to follow Yahweh and be set apart for Him. I know what it is like to be depressed, unhappy, fearful and fixated on negative things and I am [Read On]

Hebraic Messianic Resource List

The information listed below contains teachers and items we like and recommend. Note: Torah is = the 1st five books of the Bible, the whole Old Testament, the whole Bible This list has been revised – please use this link for the updated resource list Thank you

Prepare the Bride – Exfoliating Skin Scrub

At least twice a year (spring and fall) it is a good idea to give our skin an exfoliating scrub. Here is a fresh and natural exfoliating skin scrub that you can make in your kitchen every Fall when pomegranates are in season. I just learned that some grocers are now making the seeds available [Read On]

Pomegranates & the Bride of Messiah

Throughout Scripture we find various stories about brides, weddings, taking of wives and most of them provide shadows of the qualities that should be a part of the Bride of Messiah. Pomegranates are mentioned in Song of Solomon in conjunction with the Shulamite and this book presents shadows of the Bride and the Messiah Bridegroom. [Read On]

Pomegranates: Full of Healthful Rubies

I love pomegranates! I love the way they look, their taste and versatility and all the beautiful Biblical symbolism that we can see within them. Pomegranates are healthful and edible rubies. To listen to the audio teaching that corresponds to this articled use the audio player below or right click to download it to your [Read On]

Is Just Saying Grace Really Enough?

Many people have grown up with the idea that before we eat we should say grace. What is grace? According to Wikipedia “saying grace” is an English language phrase that means: to say any number of short prayers prior to eating. The intention of the prayer is to thank God for providing the food. Many [Read On]

Praying for Peace in Jerusalem

This beautiful photo is a scene of Jerusalem in Israel, looking towards the city wall. I love the blue sky with just a few clouds and the contrast of the creamy sand color of the landscape contrasted with the green foliage and the sky. Did you know that in the Hebrew language there is no [Read On]

Images of Faith at Home

I think it is important to have images of our faith throughout our home. I’m not saying that our home should look like a House of Worship that would be a bit too much. However, my faith is important to me and it is the central core of our family life. Why shouldn’t that be [Read On]

Sounding of the Shofar – Part Two

We want to give you a quick review from yesterday’s broadcast. The shofar is an ancient wind instrument made from the horn of a clean animal – originally made from the horn of a Ram. Today, many of the shofars are being made from other ‘clean’ animals. The most familiar one is from the antelope [Read On]

Sounds of the Shofar – Part One

The shofar is an ancient wind instrument made from the horn of an animal. Originally made from the horn of a Ram although many of today’s shofars are made from the African Kudu this is a member of the antelope family. The sounds of  the shofar are very characteristic and each set of notes is [Read On]

Winter’s Rest

It’s January and we are smack in the middle of winter. The Creator of the Universe gave us the changing seasons and each has a purpose for the earth and our life. Winter is the time for quiet and rest it is the time to recharge the earth and ourselves.  The landscape is a bit [Read On]