Creating the Torah is Life Banner

Many people have asked us how we made the Torah is Life banner and this article shares what we used and how we put it together. We started with the idea of making a worship banner that could be used for the Feast of Shavuot or Feast of Pentecost. We researched the various themes that [Read On]

Pomegranates – Edible Ruby Recipes

For an inspirational look at pomegranates in Scripture see our article entitled: Pomegranates: Full of Healthful Rubies and Pomegranates and the Bride of Messiah. Here are a few ways to enjoy the fiber and delicious taste of pomegranates without cooking or baking. Recipe Ideas Add the arils to lettuce, salads or cole slaws Sprinkle some [Read On]

Prepare the Bride – Exfoliating Skin Scrub

At least twice a year (spring and fall) it is a good idea to give our skin an exfoliating scrub. Here is a fresh and natural exfoliating skin scrub that you can make in your kitchen every Fall when pomegranates are in season. I just learned that some grocers are now making the seeds available [Read On]

Pomegranates & the Bride of Messiah

Throughout Scripture we find various stories about brides, weddings, taking of wives and most of them provide shadows of the qualities that should be a part of the Bride of Messiah. Pomegranates are mentioned in Song of Solomon in conjunction with the Shulamite and this book presents shadows of the Bride and the Messiah Bridegroom. [Read On]

Pomegranates: Full of Healthful Rubies

I love pomegranates! I love the way they look, their taste and versatility and all the beautiful Biblical symbolism that we can see within them. Pomegranates are healthful and edible rubies. To listen to the audio teaching that corresponds to this articled use the audio player below or right click to download it to your [Read On]

Torah is Life Banner

This is the second banner that we made and Avi and I worked on it together. This banner was completed for Shavuot (Feast of Weeks, Pentecost) in 2007.  We tried very hard to have it completed for this Feast because of the symbolism of the banner and the events that Shavuot commemorate, such as: * [Read On]

Chocolate Orange Carrot Cake

This is hands-down my favorite cake – ever!!! I always make this cake for Chanukkah. This recipe came from my favorite internet recipe source and I believe that it was originally published by Bon Appetit in December of 1998. Unfortunately, I don’t have a photograph of this beautiful cake but hopefully will get one [Read On]

Sounding of the Shofar – Part Two

We want to give you a quick review from yesterday’s broadcast. The shofar is an ancient wind instrument made from the horn of a clean animal – originally made from the horn of a Ram. Today, many of the shofars are being made from other ‘clean’ animals. The most familiar one is from the antelope [Read On]

Sounds of the Shofar – Part One

The shofar is an ancient wind instrument made from the horn of an animal. Originally made from the horn of a Ram although many of today’s shofars are made from the African Kudu this is a member of the antelope family. The sounds of  the shofar are very characteristic and each set of notes is [Read On]

Celebrating Yom Teruah

We had a blessed time observing and celebrating Yom Teruah with friends at our home this year. Here is a glimpse of our time together…Nine of us gathered for dinner and Avi lead us in the Kiddush and HaMotzi blessings and we asked the most beautiful voice in the house (Miss Cindy) to lead us [Read On]