Messianic Pesach Guide

This four page Messianic Pesach Guide (Passover Guide) provides a quick over-view about this Biblical Feast Day and why we observe and celebrate it today. It is not a Haggadah but a search on the internet will provide many traditional Jewish Passover Haggadahs and you can find Messianic versions also. Pesach, pronounced pay-sock, is the [Read On]

Mi Kamocha Yahweh!

Have you ever felt fearful about the future? Have you ever been concerned about your health, worrying that your symptoms are the result of a serious condition? Do you wonder how you will be able to live if our economy collapses in the next few years? Worry, fear and anxiousness are all the opposite of [Read On]

Mi Kamocha Music Videos

The Mi Kamocha is a 3,500 year old hymn of praise that the Yisraelites sang after crossing the Sea of Reeds. They thanked and praised YHWH for their deliverance ~ Exodus 15:11 Enjoy these Mi Kamocha music videos!   Karen Davis Steven Lara                       Judy [Read On]

Crispy Matzah Brie & Herb Dip Recipe

Matzo Brie can be made so many ways and every Jewish family seems to have their favorites. Some use more egg and milk and become like an omelet and others are thinner and crispy. This recipe is the crispy version and to me they should be like crackers that can be dipped in the the [Read On]

Roasted Leg of Lamb Recipe

Delicious recipe for Roasted Leg of Lamb, just in time for Passover! Larding is an Old World technique that adds flavor and helps to tenderize meat. Traditionally pieces of animal fat (usually pork) were used as “lardons” and inserted into the meat with a larding needle. Over the years this technique has come to include [Read On]

Fresh Moror ~ Bitter Herb

Here is a recipe for a fresh and home-made alternative to a store bought horseradish preparation. Try this Moror recipe for your next Passover Seder meal. Here is a recipe for a fresh and home-made alternative to a store bought horseradish preparation. Try this Moror recipe for your next Passover Seder meal. I have never [Read On]

Passover Posts

New Additions ~ Scroll Down to See Them! Yes we’ve added new items for 2013!!! We are providing resources for men, women and families that will help them to celebrate and observe a Messianic Passover in meaningful, fun and delicious ways. Here is a list of the posts that I have included for Passover! Updates [Read On]

Coconut Macaroons & Drizzle Sauces

We love the following recipes for Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread Who needs leaven when you have these delicious little bites of soft chewy heaven? Not me. For a change of pace try them with the dipping sauces below or dip pieces of matzah in the sauces, YUM!     Coconut Macaroons Print [Read On]

Pesach Worship Music Videos

Enjoy the music of these gifted artists and worshipers for Passover this year. The Pesach Song ~ We’re Leaving by Steve McConnell At the Seder – A Passover Song by Judy Tellerman The Mighty One of Israel Mi Kamochah (Who is like thee) by Paul Wilbur The Mi Kamochah is a 3,500 year old hymn [Read On]

Broccoli & Cheese Mina

Posey Salem’s version adapted from Marlena Spieler’s recipe in Jewish Food: for festivals and special occasions. A mina is a type of pie, prepared from layered matzos and a savory sauce, and topped with beaten egg, which holds it all together as it bakes. My family ABSOLUTELY LOVES this recipe. We eat it throughout the [Read On]

The Smallest Lamb Roast On Earth

Last year we made the smallest lamb roast on earth and here is why. I am a wife and mom and I think BIG. Well what I mean is I think BIG when it comes to cooking meals. I like to make extra so that we can enjoy the work of our hands for several [Read On]

Passover Table Decor Ideas

The following ideas are specific to celebrating the Passover Meal from various websites. New ideas – updated for 2013           Awesome Nile River Table Décor Idea  Scroll down, it is the next to the last entry Origami Pyramid Passover Centerpiece   Jumping Origami Frogs Plague Stick Puppets  Table Decor Ideas on Pinterest [Read On]

Pesach Children & Family Activities

New Additions Scroll to See them!!! Below we have listed some activities that you and your children might enjoy doing as part of your Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread observations. Blood on the Doorpost and Lintels Tape red crepe paper (comes in rolls) across the top of the door frame (lentil) and down the [Read On]

Passover Teaching Links

The following are links to excellent teachings related to Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread. We strongly encourage you to go to these sites and avail yourself of the teaching of these wonderful teachers of the whole Word of YHWH. Mark Biltz – El Shaddai Ministries The Spring Festivals of the Messiah – Passover, [Read On]

Passover Videos

A few fun Passover Videos to watch Who Let the Jews Out   Passover Rhapsody Google Exodus   Passover? Martha Stewart’s Matzah Factory Tour The Seder: What Takes So Long? 10 Ideas for Your Seder