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Sharing information and inspiration for your spiritual life and ways to live a life set apart for YHWH or as we pronounce it Yahweh. The Bible instructs us to be set apart as Yahweh is set apart. Here you can find articles about how to observe and celebrate the Biblical Feasts, praise and worship and teachings on a variety of Biblical and spiritual topics.

Lessons from Psalm 100 Verse 1

There are many lessons from Psalm 100 that teach us about how to praise and worship the Lord our God. This is Part 1 in the Psalm 100 Series. The Net Bible at www.bible.org says, “The psalmist celebrates the fact that Israel has a special relationship to God and summons worshipers to praise the Lord [Read On]

Aaronic Blessing

The Aaronic Blessing or Priestly Blessing can be found in Numbers 6:23 to 27. “Speak unto Aaron and unto his sons, saying, On this wise ye shall bless the children of Israel, saying unto them, YHWH bless thee, and keep thee: YHWH make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: YHWH lift [Read On]

Mankind was Created to Worship God – YHWH

This article, Mankind was Created to Worship  God – YHWH, is Part One in the series: Praise Worship & Prayer: Intertwined and Action Oriented, A Hebraic Perspective. There are companion audios that correspond to this teaching. Here is the Link to Messianic Lifestyles Magazine’s Remnant Radio Show, which is the show that this teaching was [Read On]

How to Approach God to Worship Him

I have been thinking and considering over the last several months an important question…How Do We Approach God to Worship Him? How do we approach Yahweh who is the Creator of the Universe and the King? This article is Part 2 in the series Praise Worship & Prayer: Intertwined and Action Oriented, A Hebraic Perspective. [Read On]

Lighting the Ereve Shabbat Candles

Lighting the Ereve Shabbat candles to welcome the onset of Shabbat or a Feast day is a Jewish tradition. This particular tradition is not something that we are commanded to do in Scripture, however, the Bible does instruct us in Ex 20:8 to… “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.” The word “holy” in [Read On]

Childrens Chanukkah Craft Ideas

Here are a variety of childrens chanukkah craft ideas that we found online at: Arts Helping Children Below you will find Chanukkah Crafts Arts and Crafts Projects Ideas for your Kids….Many Hanukkah Crafts for your Children How to Make Hanukkah Dreidel Gift Boxes Step by Step – These Hanukkah dreidel gift boxes are fun to make [Read On]

The Origin of the Dreidel

This is a reprint of the article entitled, Dreidel by Rabbi David Golinkin. See bottom of the article for complete credits. The well-known Hanukkah symbol has European roots. By Rabbi David Golinkin Most of the laws of Hanukkah are related to the lighting of the menorah or hanukkiyah; however, in this article we shall describe some of [Read On]

Chanukkah Info Search Answers

Here are the answers to Parts 1 and 3 of the Chanukkah Info Search. The questions for Part 2 have many possible answers. They were included as study questions to spark research, discussion and prayer. Part One 1.   In what historical books can we find the story of Chanukkah ? The main references are: 1 Maccabees [Read On]

Chanukkah Info Search

The Chanukkah Info Search is a learning and discovery activity for adults, teens or families so that you can learn more about this Hebraic Holiday. Part One 1.   In what historical books can we find the story of Chanukkah ? 2.   What is the Apocrypha? 3.   How often will there be a Rosh Chodesh (New Moon) on the [Read On]

Chanukkah – How Do You Spell It?

Did you ever notice that people spell the word Chanukkah many different ways? Did you ever wonder why? Well I did, and I went looking for the answer to why there are different hanukkah spellings that are used in the English language, this is what I learned. Chanukkah is a Hebrew word meaning Dedication. When [Read On]

The Miracle of the Oil and Remnant

This article, The Miracle of the Oil and the Remnant is a reprint of the original article by James Scott Trimm ~ from the book: Channukah and the Last Days. It is presented here in its entirety and you can find the original article web address at the conclusion of the article text. We include [Read On]

Wearing Sackcloth Tunic for Yom Kippurim Part 2

WOW, talk about Affliction!!! Avi and I both wore our garments of affliction for Yom Kippurim this year and it was quite an experience. If someone would have told me 2 years ago, that I would wear a sackcloth tunic for a whole 24 hours for Yom Kippurim, I would have told them they were [Read On]

Making A Sackcloth Tunic for Yom Kippurim Part 1

This year (2011) we are going to do something different to observe and celebrate the Biblical Feast of Yom Kippurim. We are not going to put on white linen as usual this year. Instead I am going to be making a sackcloth tunic, as a Garment of Affliction, and we will wear them for 24 [Read On]

Potato Latke Recipe

Oh I just love Potato Latkes! We eat them throughout the year not just at Chanukkah. I like to eat them with sour cream on top that is sprinkled with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper. Sometimes I like to eat Potato Latkes with applesauce on the side. We prefer our latkes to be somewhat [Read On]

Josephus On Hanukkah

The following article is by G J Goldberg about Hanukkah and the Festival of Lights The original article can be found here http://www.josephus.org/hanukkah.htm Hanukkah The Festival of the Dedication, The Festival of Lights by G. J. Goldberg Introduction The Books of the Maccabees, which record the origins of the Hanukkah story and of the Hasmonean [Read On]