Siddur for Netzarim – Resource

Both of us (Avi & Posey) regularly pray some of the traditional Jewish prayers that can be found in a Jewish Siddur. What is a Siddur? Over the years we have reviewed many different Jewish Siddurs but never felt that we could pray the prayers exactly as written. We have looked at a few Messianic [Read On]

Lighting the Ereve Shabbat Candles

Lighting the Ereve Shabbat candles to welcome the onset of Shabbat or a Feast day is a Jewish tradition. This particular tradition is not something that we are commanded to do in Scripture, however, the Bible does instruct us in Ex 20:8 to… “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.” The word “holy” in [Read On]

Salem Whole Wheat Challah

This delicious braided egg bread is traditional for Shabbat. It goes well with soups, salads, and for sandwiches. My family thinks it makes awesome French Toast too. This recipe for Salem Whole Wheat Challah is our family’s favorite version. Yield: 2 good sized loaves (approximately 16 to 18 slices each) To bag the bread for [Read On]

Shabbat Banner

This little banner is a constant reminder to my family to keep Shabbat! Exodus 20:18 tells us to remember the Sabbath and to keep it holy. The word Sabbath in our English Bibles is  pronounced ShaBAT in Hebrew. This banner hangs on a door in our dining room that leads into our pantry. Everyday, someone [Read On]