Chicken Fingers?

Violet, Posey's chickenHi! Violet, here, typing on Posey’s computer and yes before you ask, I do use the Hunt and Peck method. Why do people always ask me that? I don’t understand (shakes her head from side to side.)

I love humans, you’re all so cool and you have things we chickens don’t…  Just this morning I saw Posey coming into the chicken paddock and the wind was blowing her long, pretty hair all over the place. She used her fingers to move her hair and to scratch her face.

Fingers … I wish I had fingers because I have a really itchy spot on my face. I once heard a guy say “Chicken Fingers.” I don’t know why he said that but it made me think and I went into Posey’s computer and got on Wikipedia. I looked up chicken anatomy and it says that chickens have phalanges on the tips of their wings. I didn’t know what that big word meant, so I had to look it up too. Phalanges are similar to human fingers. Oh my goodness, that must mean that I have chicken fingers too!

I went outside and told the rest of the flock that we all have chicken fingers on the ends of our wings. They didn’t believe me, so I began to demonstrate what I had read. I moved my wing and tried to get those phalanges up to my face to scratch it but it didn’t work. I tried again and again but I could not get my wing to bend in a way that my wing tip could touch my face. All the chickens laughed at me and walked away.

By now my face was really itchy and I just had to scratch it. I had no choice ~ I would have to do it the regular way. Do you have any idea how hard that is? I mean really, just picture your self standing on one leg balancing your whole body and then bringing your other leg up to your face? Then you have to wiggle that leg around so that your foot can scratch your face. Can you do it?

Well, it is hard to do and even harder the older you get. I managed to do it and there I was scratching my face with my foot, when OUCH!! I poked my eye with one of my toe nails – gee that hurts.

Oh no! I forgot to wash my foot before I used it to scratch my face. You know how Avi and Posey are always talking about clean and unclean? I’m not sure what all of that means but I am pretty sure that my foot wasn’t very clean. I sure hope I don’t get a pig sty in my eye!

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