Choosing Chicken Breeds to Raise

Poseys ChickensEach breed of chicken has its own physical, social and laying characteristics. Some are better suited to high production egg laying and are used in commercial egg laying operations but can be flighty and high strung. Other breeds are best suited for backyard flocks and lay well but also have wonderful temperaments. Still other breeds are great for children and the hobby breeder looking for unusual exotic breeds.

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Here are a few suggestions for breeds that are well suited to specific situations. . .

  1. High Production Layers: Leghorns, Minorca, Ancona, White faced Spanish
  2. Good Layers for Backyard Flocks – Orpington, Australorp, Buckeye, Rhode Island Reds
  3. Cold Hardy – Cochin, Rhode Island Red, Wyandotte
  4. Heat Tolerant – Minorca, Fayoumi, Sexlink, Buttercup
  5. Colorful Plumage – Cochin, Welsummer, Wyandotte, Old English
  6. Bossy Aggressive – Leghorns, Sexlinks, Rhode Island Reds
  7. Bears Confinement Well – Dorking, Leghorn, Domanique
  8. Heritage Meat – Freedom Ranger, Dominique, Delaware, Buckeye
Places to find chickens for your flock:
  1. Feed, Farm, Garden, Tractor Stores
  2. Hatcheries
  3. Chicken Breeders
  4. Craigslist
  5. Other Chicken Raisers
  6. Swap Meets
  7. Rescues Agencies
  8. Chicken Clubs
Favorite website for chicken information –, look at tChloe a Silkie Chickenheir Breeds section
Chicken Breeds that We Are Raising
Giant Cochin
Buff Orpington
Easter Eggers
Black Sexlinks
What breeds do you raise? We’d love to know.
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