Cypress Essential Oil

CYPRESS (Cupressus sempervirens):

This tall evergreen tree belongs to one of the oldest plant families on earth. It is a lovely tree with long stringy bark and lacy evergreen branches. The twigs and lacy foliage are used in the distillation process.

Mentioned in Scripture five times: Gen 6:14, Is 41:19, Is 44:14, 1 Kings 9:11, Songs 1:17

Scent: Crisp, fresh, herbaceous, slightly woody with evergreen base notes.

Safety Bit: During Pregnancy – Use with CAUTION.


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Constituents: Monoterpenes, Sesquiterpenes and Phenols.

Descriptor: Anti-inflammatory, anti-lipic, anti-biotic, anti-septic, anti-microbial, astringent, decongestant, deodorizer, diuretic, mucolytic, vasoconstrictor, relaxing, refreshing,

Uses: Assists circulation, stops bleeding, assist with diarrhea, tighten tissues, nerve viruses, colds, thyroid dysfunction and fatigue.  Gives energy, improving circulation throughout the lungs and body, strengthening blood capillary walls, edema, cellulitis, varicose veins, water retention (may decrease any excessive flow of fluids whether a runny nose, diarrhea, a bleeding cut/wound, excessive menstrual flow or perspiration).  Stops bleeding from bleeding gums or cuts, purifies blood, immune stimulant, tighten tissue, cramps, insomnia, rheumatism, arthritis, menopausal problems (can act as female hormone stimulant), lymphatic decongestant, astringent, prostate decongestant, anti-mucus and whooping cough.  Benefits pancreas insufficiency, gut infections and sluggish intestines, pleurisy, pulmonary tuberculosis, pyorrhea, deodorizer, asthma, bronchitis, nervous tension, hemorrhoids (internal and external), lack of concentration, stress and general healing.

Scripture:  In Scripture 5 times.  Genesis 6:14; Isaiah 41:19, 44:14; I Kings 9:11 and Songs of Solomon 1:17.

Ancient Use:  Arthritis, laryngitis, reduce scar tissue, cramps.

Modern Use:  Supports cardiovascular (increase circulation, strengthens blood capillaries, controls hemorrhages and nose bleeds, relieves acute chest discomfort.  Monoterpenes reprogram cellular memory to promote permanent healing.  Cypress promotes production of white blood cells boosting the body’s natural defense system.

Emotional Influence: Strengthens, eases the feeling of loss, helps create a feeling of security and grounding, healing emotions.  Assists with transition or changing course in life.  Has been used to comfort and strengthen one during times of death of a loved one and/or divorce.  Uplifting and fortifying.  Helps diffuse extreme swings of emotion such as sexual preoccupation, uncontrollable crying and talking and depletion of energy.  Helps remove psychological blocks (purify, cleanse mentally and physically).  Has been used successfully with LEMON SHeMeN (essential oil) for young children deprived of parental affection and protection.

Application:  Massage along spine, on arm pits, feet, heart and chest.  Use CYPRESS along with BREATHE EZ for carpal tunnel and bone spurs.

Constituent:  Monoterpenes/Sesquiterpenes/Phenols

Descriptor:  Stimulates liver, anti-inflammatory, anti-lipic, antibiotic and antiseptic.

Origin:  Spain


CAUTION:  Use with Caution during Pregnancy.

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