Dress Warm to Stay Warm

Noro shortrow scarfIt’s cold here today and even inside my house it seems cold; so I am trying to stay warm. When I was younger I would have just turned up the thermostat so that the room temperature would be warmer. Some days that meant that it needed to be pushed up to 76 degrees to compensate for the near zero temperatures and driving winds. Now that I am older and wiser (I hope) I prefer to leave the thermostat set at 68 degrees during the winter time. We do this to save money on our heating bill but also to remind ourselves that we don’t have to have nor have to take advantage of every modern convenience available. I know, we do have central heating in our home but I have lived in homes where we didn’t. So what do I do to stay warm on a cold day? I want to share some tips that I learned while staying in South Africa 15 years ago…

When I visited South Africa, it was during their winter season. The places that I stayed did not have central heat and the buildings were very cold. Some days you could see your breath when you woke up. I learned from others how to stay warm and these same methods have been used in some way, by people all over the world for hundreds of years.

  1. Wear Long Underwear – I have several sets of Cuddle Duds one in black and the other in white. One day I hope to have a set of long underwear made from Merino Wool.
  2. Layer Your Clothing – I wear a long sleeved knit shirt over the undershirt and then I Sheep Go Round Sweaterwear a wool sweater or layer a wool shawl over top of the shirt. On really cold days I layer the shawl over top of the sweater.
  3. Wear Wool – Natural wool garments and blankets have been keeping people warm for countless generations. Good quality wool is not scratchy to wear but even scratchy wool can be tamed by wearing something soft next to your skin.
  4. Wear a Scarf – I have knit a couple of pretty and very soft scarves that I wear around my neck even when indoors.
  5. Wear Wool Socks – Wool socks are hard to find in regular stores. You need to go to a sporting goods store and one brand that I am aware of is Smart Wool. I also knit my own wool socks from Merino wool sock yarn.
  6. Wear Fingerless Gloves – Until recently these were not popular or even available in the States but now you can find them in stores. I just knit my own so that they fit me the way that I like. Fingerless gloves or wrist warmers are wonderful because you can still write, type and do many chores while wearing them to keep your hands warm.
  7. Wear Something on Your Feet – Don’t just go around in your stocking feet. One it will accelerate the wear and tear on your socks (and when you knit your own wool socks the cost and time and effort is too great (c: ) and second your feet are warmer when you are wearing slippers (especially fleece lined or wool) or warm shoes.
  8. Wear Something on Your Head – be it a knit or fleece cap, wool felted hat or double thick head covering it is a scientific fact that your body will stay warmer with your head covered.

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