Eight Tips for New Knitters

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Here are eight important tips to help you be more successful and make the process of knitting easier.



1.       Try to regulate the tension you place on the working yarn so that your stitches are the same size and look even

2.       When you finish a row, count your stitches to make sure you have the same number as when you cast-on

3.       When you finish a row, straighten and pull downward on the finished rows to align the stitches evenly

4.       The working yarn (attached to the ball) will dangle from the last stitch worked and it should be on the right needle after you have knit a stitch

5.       When beginning a new row, DO NOT take the working yarn over the top of the needle to get it to the back to knit a stitch. Instead, pull downward on it and take it to the back going under the needle. This will prevent you from adding unwanted new stitches each time you begin the row

6.       Knit stitch – working yarn comes from the back of the last stitch on right needle

7.       Purl stitch – working yarn comes from the front of the last stitch on right needle

8.       DO NOT stop in the middle of a row – always finish it before you set your knitting project down


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