Essential Oils for Cystitis and UT Infections

Cystitis Bath Salts Pure therapeutic grade essential oils can be used to help relieve the pain,

discomfort and symptoms of cystitis and urinary tract infections.

The easiest way to use them is in a warm soaking bath.


Cystitis Bath Salts for Soaking



What you will need:

1/2 cup of Dead Sea Salts or Epsom Salts

Bergamot essential oil

Lavender essential oil

Sandalwood essential oil or Blends of Sandalwood essential oil

Small glass or ceramic bowl to mix in

Plastic or stainless steel mixing spoon

Essential Oil Bath Salts Recipe for Cystitis:

  • Place 1/2 cup of Dead Sea Salts or Epsom Salts in mixing bowl
  • Add three drops of each oil listed above to the salts
  • Stir to combine well together
  • Use immediately or store in a small glass jar with a tight-fitting lid

Instructions for using Bath Salt Mixture:

Draw a very warm bath (adjust temperature for your individual comfort level) and add the bath salts to the water. Agitate and stir the bath water to dissolve the salts and release the essential oils. Soak in this bath water for as long as you can stand it or until the water cools enough that you would want to get out.

Wrap your self in a warm towel or terry robe or dry off and immediately put on comfortable warm clothing and lie down and relax for 20 minutes.

You can use a similar mixture for a sitz bath or to apply as a wash after using the toilet.

Remember everyone’s body is different. What may work for one may not be as effective for another. When this occurs we suggest that you try an alternate pure essential oil.

Remnant Remedy Essential Oils:

We only use and recommend Remnant Remedy brand 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. With this in mind, all single essential oils and essential oil blends mentioned above are from the Remnant Remedy line of essential oils. We cannot comment on what type of results you might have if using another brand of essential oil/s. Click Here to order these potent and 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to make your own bath salts:

Bergamot essential oil

Lavender essential oil

Blends of Sandalwood essential oil

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Natural Help for Cystitis – UT Infection

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