Forgotten Shoes?

Gray Knit Clogs with Suede StrapHave you ever…forgotten shoes?

I don’t mean that you left the house without shoes on your feet or that you left them behind at someone’s home or at work.

I mean, have you ever forgot that you even had them?

How is it possible to purchase a pair of shoes on sale and off-season, in June, and forget about them until January of the following year? That is exactly what I did.

I just stashed the shoebox in the back of my closet and it was obscured by a blanket that slipped off a pile of spare bedding. Today I was straightening up my closet and discovered the shoebox.

What a surprise to find new sweater knit clogs that I forgot, especially when I was having a blue day. Cool

I like clogs and have been wearing them since the sixties (shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone that I am that old). These sweater knit clogs are super comfy! They have a cork foot bed that is covered with pile fleece to make them warm and cozy on the inside.

gray knit clogsThe outside is knit in a classic Nordic sweater pattern of off-white, medium and charcoal gray shades of yarn. They have a gray suede strap that buckles so that you can tighten them as they stretch out because of wear.

I must really like knit clogs because I realized that this is the fourth pair I have purchased over the last 15 years. Being an avid hand-knitter, I appreciate the knitted fabric, even if it is machine-made. The Nordic sweater motif is common and it just seems to go with winter clothes and sweaters.

These shoes are a very nice surprise and another simple joy!


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