Gabby’s Baby Chicks – Video

Here is a short video of the baby chicks that hatched out just days before Passover.

Gabriella is one of the four chicks that hatched from the small clutch we put under our first ever Broody Hen, named Vera. Those chicks hatched out last July 1st and now one of them, a hen named Gabriella, went broody a month ago. We put 7 eggs under her and then 3 under another broody silkie hen. Gabby has been wonderful and very dutiful to her eggs. She was very attentive and stayed on the nest only leaving it 2 or 3 times a day to get something to eat, drink and do some business. Then she would run back into the coop and up into her nest box. She would turn the eggs and talk to them and fiersely guard her nest. She was a good mama on hatch day caring for each one of her babies. Sort of amazing, especially since this is her first time being broody.

Well here they are several days later and all are doing great!

Aren’t baby chicks cute, just another simple joy!


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  1. Yes,
    They are adorable!!!!

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