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Posey's Podcast BannerWhy did I start this website? Because I am attempting to live a life that is happier, healthier, to make my home feel homey and peaceful and to follow Yahweh and be set apart for Him.

I know what it is like to be depressed, unhappy, fearful and fixated on negative things and I am turning from those negative thoughts and patterns and focusing on positive joyful things.  I know that others feel the same way or are looking for answers. Perhaps you are looking for answers about how to live a happier life. A life that is healthier in what you do, how you eat and for natural ways to get and stay healthy. Maybe you are looking for ways to create a homey and peaceful environment in your home. Or maybe you are  looking for ways to continue to live a life that is set apart for the Lord.  I want to be a resource with some suggestions for all of those things. A place were we can share our ideas and encourage each other.

One day as I was reading my Bible I stumbled upon a verse that I had never seen before, it is in Psalms. I was surprised that I had never read it before and even more amazed at what it said:

“Let all who take refuge in You rejoice, Let those who love Your name triumph in You, Let them sing with joy forever!” Psalm 5:11

It was then that I realized that the wonderful Creator of the Universe and the King of my life and future wanted me to be happy, to have joy and to rejoice! I prayed and asked Him for His help and then purposed in my life to focus on His possibilities and joys and not concentrate on the chaos that may be swirling around me.

I want a life where there is love, joy, faith, peace, health, beauty and a lot more fun!

Won’t you join me?  I encourage you to send us an email and share what some of your daily challenges are so that we can post articles that may help you and other women. Feel free to share with us your tips and suggestions, recipes and ideas that have helped you to live a happier, healthier life or how to create a homey atmosphere or raise your family with Biblical values and love for our Heavenly Father. We can all help and encourage each other.

Together we can focus on some of the things that are important in life and enjoy ourselves in Him:

  • Look for and celebrate the blessings and joys that our Heavenly Father daily gives to us
  • How we can create and maintain a peaceful (shalom) atmosphere in our home
  • How to create an attractive yet homey and comfortable environment in our homes without spending lots of money or becoming materialistic
  • Nurturing our children, grandchildren and the young ones of our friends
  • How to eat and live in a healthier way
  • How to manage our time and be good organizers so that we have time for the fun things
  • To be comfortable in our own skin and be who He created us to be
  • To daily look for the simple joys that Yahweh gives to each of us
  • And finally to encourage each other that no matter what may come our way, we can go through it with love, joy and peace and trust in Father’s goodness and faithfulness.

Please share with us. Every blessing,

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