Hawaiian Lanai Pictures: Our Outdoor Living Space

So what is a lanai? The word lanai, is Hawaiian, and is pronounced; lə-ˈnī and rhymes with rib eye. It most often refers to outdoor areas such as a porch or patio. It can be covered by an awning, roof or canopy and is a place to sit and relax and enjoy the out-of-doors. Lanais are a popular landscape element in topical and subtropical homes and businesses. If you have ever been to Florida, you know that many Floridians include a lanai area as part of their outdoor landscaping. Come visit with me for a bit while I show you our outdoor living space and give you a description of our Hawaiian Lanai Pictures.

We like architectural garden structures that help create outdoor living spaces. When we lived in Pennsylvania my husband build us a wonderful pergola and deck that fit beautifully into the English Cottage Garden that we were planting. During the spring and summer months we spent a lot of time out there. You can read more about it here, Pergola Perfect.

Now we live in coastal NC and when we were looking for a home to purchase we had a list of must have’s. I must admit that garden structures was not on the list but we found property that had everything we wanted and more. This lovely place has a huge paved lanai area that includes a covered sitting area and outdoor cooking area that is the center of our outdoor life.

Hawaiian Lanai Pictures

As I mentioned earlier, our lanai is a very large paved area (60 feet by 25 feet) that includes a wooden deck, covered patio, outdoor cooking area, and uncovered patio areas. The covered lanai is 30 feet long by 24 feet wide and is supported by six posts and a wooden framework that holds the roofing material. Landscape pavers were used around and under the structure  and for the uncovered patio areas. This gives it a nice solid base that is easy to keep clean.

The two tiered a roof is covered with Bora Bora Palm Thatch. This is an artificial, natural looking shaggy palm thatch material that is amazing. It is the only synthetic thatch currently on the market that offers waterproof protection even when no sub-roof deck material is used. The beauty of the thatch can be see from the underside as well as on top of the roof. Even in hurricane winds the thatch holds up because it is installed so that the thatch panels swivel up or down and move to allow the air to pass through the roofing structure. It stands up to the high temperatures and UV rays we endure here during the summer in coastal North Carolina. It even held up 6 inches of heavy snow last year when we had a rogue snow storm. You can find Bora Bora Palm Thatch roofing material at Ama Zulu of Clermont, Florida, www.amazuluinc.com.

There are rolled up blinds around the structure and green rope lights give it a festive look in the evenings. The previous owners also installed a tube misting system for those really HOT dog days of summer. This is a wonderful place to sit and read, knit, work on my laptop computer, dine and especially to entertain with friends and family. The yard side of the lanai has a wide flower bed with roses, canna and other flowers planted there and the opposite side faces the outdoor kitchen.

The outdoor cook station or kitchen is 12 feet by 12 feet and has a sun-filtering canvas top. It includes a granite counter-top all the way around two sides. Various shades of slate tiles were cut and used in a mosaic design around the bottom sides of the structure. Inside there is an old cast-iron bathtub that is used as an open top cooler. Just fill it with ice, bottled or canned beverages and bowls of chilled salads and there ya go. An old enameled sink with attached drain board is installed on the same side as the cooler tub. The opposite side has a stainless steel Kitchenaid two gas burner stove. Between the stove and the awesome JennAir stainless gas grill is a counter-top / cutting board area made of teak wood.

Looking from the outdoor kitchen towards the covered lanai area.

Looking from the outdoor kitchen towards the house and back deck area.



Looking from the outdoor kitchen towards the house and back deck area.









On the far end of the covered lanai is a flowerbed with a weeping cherry tree, purple Lantana, Daylilies and other plants and flowers. This area also includes a lovely fountain.

Close up of the leaf shaped four tier water fountain.





Close up of the Stella D’oro Daylilies.




These are Stella D’oro daylilies and you can learn more about these “gold stars” at this website.


I hope you enjoyed this visit and the Hawaiian Lanai pictures. We really love this great outdoor space and are so glad that someone took the time to build it for us to enjoy.

Do you have an outdoor living space that you enjoy, such as a porch, patio, deck, arbor or yard? Please share with us.



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