Hine Ma Tov Dance Steps

Hine Ma Tov  means Behold How Good in Hebrew. Here are the traditional Hine Ma Tov Dance Steps.

This song is a traditional Jewish Hymn that comes from Psalm 133:1

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

This song and dance are often included as part of Shabbat observances and celebrations.

Music: This song has been recorded by many many people because it is quite old. Here are just three of the recordings that we have.

Shalom Jerusalem – Paul Wilber – #9

Gallery 1 – Jonathan Settel – #4

The Real Complete Shabbat – #17

Hine Ma Tov Dance Steps 


Stand in a circle, facing into the center of the circle and holding hands at shoulder height


Part One

Four slow steps to the right (CCW) starting with right foot. Eight quick steps to the right (CCW) starting with right foot. Hold hands at shoulder level

Repeat one more time



Facing center, right foot stomps in place

Back left Yemenite (L steps back, R steps back, L steps forward.) R stomps in place (arms swing down and out opening up the circle on first count and back up to shoulder level on third count)

Right Yemenite and pause, Left Yemenite and pause

Repeat one more time



Holding hands high and in front, all walk to the center, with hands touching.


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