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Is keeping your house “clean” or “tidy” overwhelming to you? Perhaps you just never learned what to do when it came time to “clean.” I want to help you! I developed some simple house cleaning checklists that outline the basic things to do in each  main room of your home. I call them Quick Lists because you can run through the checklist fairly quickly.

When I was growing up, we had to do chores and help to clean the house on the weekends. Both of my parents worked so it was even more important for us girls (me and my 2 sisters) to help out. I know that my mom showed us how to do the basic cleaning chores but once I was married I realized how little I actually knew about taking care of a home. I am a list person, always have been and so I “wished” for some sort of house cleaning checklist to help me do a better job in my own home.

Way Back When I was Young

This more than thirty years ago, long before the internet, Home & Garden TV, or a nice big bookstore with a cafe and lots of books about the home. I found a small advertisement in the back of a Christian women’s magazine that was selling a house cleaning manual. I wrote and ordered the manual, gosh that sounds so funny now. Once it arrived a jumped right in and read the whole manual (a 2 inch 3-ring binder.) The author had lots of information but it wasn’t in a “user friendly” manner. There was no way, that I was going to haul that notebook into every room that I was cleaning so that I could check to see if I had done everything she recommended. What to do?

True to myself, I made a list…actually, I made several lists – one for each room in our two story apartment. That helped me immensely! It was now so much easier to clean because I could instantly see the items to do on my house cleaning checklist and then do them. I put my lists into plastic so that I could use a grease pencil to check each item off once it was finished. Grease pencils, do they even make them anymore? That was back in the day before we had wipe off markers.

Fast forward to today

I still use lists to clean my house, or pack for a trip, or camping outing. There are just too many things to remember to do, so a list helps me to not have to remember (and forget) so many things. I can clean my house on a daily, weekly basis without the list now, but I haul it out again when we have company coming. That way I know that I will have everything clean for our guests. I do this because I want my guests to feel special and cared for. We love to be hospitable and we think this is just part of having people in our home.

I have personalized my lists to include things that pertain to only my home but I have put together a set of lists that just about everyone could use where they live. There are blank lines for you to write in items you want to include also. You can put the lists into plastic page protectors and use a wipe off marker to check things off as you complete them.

So would you like a copy of these lists? How much would you pay?

You don’t have to pay anything…they are FREE to you.

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I hope you like them and that they help you in your home.
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