How to Clean a Shofar Horn

Rams Horn ShofarThere is a lot information on the internet, that tells us on how to care for and how to clean a shofar horn – some good, some not so good. After sorting through this information and consulting with experts, the following are our best suggestions.

How to Store a Shofar

  • Store out of direct sunlight
  • Store away from moisture or water
  • Store in a safe place where the shofar will not get knocked onto the floor
  • Store in an area that will have some airflow moving around the room
  • Do not store in a case or bag for extended periods of time. These are wonderful ways to safely transport your shofar but not intended for storage.

How to Care for a Shofar After Each Play Session 

  • Using a valve brush for a flute or horn (available a music stores) wipe out the inside of the shofar to remove moisture and debris
  • Spritz the inside and outside of the mouth piece with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol
  • Allow to air dry

How to Clean a Shofar Horn

It is important to thoroughly clean a shofar horn several times a year. Never use harsh chemical household cleaners! Always remember that Shofars are made of keratin – the same substance that our finger nails are composed of.

  • Use an ear plug to close off the mouthpiece
  • Using Hydrogen Peroxide, pour into the bell end of the shofar until about half full. Then close off the bell with a Nerf ball
  • Holding your hand over the Nerf Ball to keep it in place, vigorously shake the shofar up and down and back and forth for several minutes.
  • Remove the Nerf ball and allow liquid to drain out of the bell end of the shofar
  • Add ¼ to ½ cup of Isopropyl Alcohol to the shofar, plug the bell with the Nerf ball and shake well. Remove the Nerf ball and allow alcohol to drain out of the bell end of the shofar. Stand the shofar upright (mouth piece up and bell down) to dry
  • Mix 2 Tablespoons of carrier oil with 10 drops of Cedarwood essential oil or any of the other Biblical essential oils of your choice.
  • With your finger blocking the mouth-piece hole (or using a foam ear plug) pour the Cedarwood and oil mixture inside the bell of the shofar. Swirl it around and turn your shofar so that you will coat the entire inside of the horn. Then use any extra oil to massage the inside of the bell and completely coat the outside of the horn. You may find it helpful to use another valve brush (one that is only used to apply the essential oils) to get up inside of the mouth-piece and deep into the curves of the horn.
  • When finished, stand your shofar upright on an old towel and allow the oils to soak in and moisturize the horn and allow it to dry completely.


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