How to Make Large Outdoor Menorah

Large Outdoor MenorahLast year (2011) I told Avi that I would like a large outdoor menorah to put in our yard for Chanukkah.

When we were at Sukkot last year, friends (the Jennings Family) brought a large outdoor 7 branched menorah that they had made.

We both liked it and said we should make one to use for Chanukkah and for the Biblical Feasts.

So here are a few photos of various styles and our materials list and instructions for how to make a large outdoor menorah.



Jennings Outdoor Menorah



Here is a Photo of Jerry’s Menorah

Jerry Jennings told me that he made his menorah so that he could add a new section to it and turn it into a 9 branched chanukkiah.

After Sukkot, we received email photo’s of other large outdoor menorahs that other families have made.

Here are a few of those photo’s:

These were posted to the Our Wholehearted Family blog.

This is the first one that they made.

Large Outdoor Menorah - Our Wholehearted Family 1










Here is the second version that they made to raise funds for friends who are on the mission field.

Large Outdoor Menorah Our Wholehearted Family 2


Dad and son worked together as a team to create this lovely menorah that looks like it has candles on top.


You can view their Our Wholehearted Family blog by using this link.






For the Salem Family Menorah, Avi decided to make a 7 branched menorah.

Material list:

3 sections of PVC pipe, 1 inch thick and 10 feet long

3 plus (+) shaped connectors

6 90 degree elbow connectors

7 individual, solar powered, dusk to dawn path lights

1 can of spray paint – we chose bright blue because it’s Chanukkah and the blue color helps to make the menorah stand out against a very drab/brown winter landscape.

1 steel rod, 24 inches long. I pound this rod into the ground where we want to post banners or the menorah. Then we slide the banner pole or the menorah over the rod to make it free standing.


Cut the PVC pipe into the following lengths:

2 pieces – 27 inches long

2 pieces – 24 inches long

2 pieces – 21 inches long

1 piece 24 inches long

1 piece 48 inches long

Next assemble the menorah by pushing the lengths together into the connectors. I did not glue mine together, in case I needed to store it in a small space or for transport.

Now stand the menorah upright and paint it.

Once the paint has dried, put a path light into each upright branch.

That’s all there is to it, very easy and quick to make. It only took me about 30 minutes from start to finish. I used a table saw to cut the PVC pipe, straight cuts and quick too.

Here is the instructional photo of our large outdoor menorah.

outdoor menorah instructional photo


We would love to see photo’s of your menorah’s and information about how you made them.

Enjoy and have a Happy Chanukkah!


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  1. This is a great idea! Where did you find the solar-powered dusk-to-dawn light bulbs, though?

    • When we purchased our lamps we got them in the garden center of our Walmart. They come with the bulbs already inserted. If you need replacement bulbs, try Walmart or Home Depot. If you can’t find them in the store, ask at customer service and I’m sure someone will be able to help you. Shalom

  2. Oh! And what did you use for the base?

    • Hi Brandi,
      Thanks for reaching out to me. Our menorah does not have a base. We pound an iron rod (think rebar) into the ground where we want to place the menorah. It sticks out of the ground about two and a half to three feet. Then we lower the bottom of the upright part, which is hollow PVC pipe, down over the rod. It works great the only mild frustration is that if the wind is blowing hard, it may spin the menorah to a new angle that you will have to adjust. That’s simple, just turn it to the correct direction to align it the way you want.
      ~ Posey

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