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Shalom PlateI think it is important to have images of our faith throughout our home. I’m not saying that our home should look like a House of Worship that would be a bit too much. However, my faith is important to me and it is the central core of our family life. Why shouldn’t that be reflected in our surroundings?

The Lord Yahweh’s instructions to Moshe to build the Tabernacle in the Wilderness (Mishkan in Hebrew) were very detailed and beautiful. The Lord incorporated beautiful symbolism and imagery as part of that place of worship. He has given us many lovely scriptures that illustrate His use of symbolism and imagery and many of these can easily fit within a home setting.

Over time we have collected or made items that reflect our faith and what we believe. This doesn’t have to be an expensive thing to do and many things can be found in thrift stores, flea markets and online for under $30. For example, the Shalom plate on the left in the center was purchased online for around $35 with the shipping. The plates above and below it have fruit motifs that we can find in Scripture, citron and pomegranate and we purchased them at flea market. They are lovely and the image is raised and very detailed.

Torah Scroll PlateThen we found a wonderful old Royal Doulton dessert plate with Torah Scrolls as part of the plate design at a flea market for only $5. It has crazing and a small chip but we love the three images of the Torah scrolls that are on the plate. It reminds us of the importance of Scripture and that there was a day when there were no books and not everyone could have their own copy of the Bible.

Shalom BannerWe have made a number of fabric banners over the years and we have them displayed in our home. This is our Shalom Jerusalem banner. It is a machine appliqued banner with a stylized image of the Old City of Jerusalem at the bottom. We included the scripture verse: Psalms 122:6. To learn more about this scripture and Praying for the Peace in Jerusalem follow the link. We change the banners around in our home according to which Feast is next in the Biblical calendar.

l'Chaim PrintAs we can afford we have purchased some artwork for special occasions such as our anniversary or Chanukkah. This print is really nice and it has eight pomegranates in a circle with the words “to Life” embossed in gold in the center. We have also purchased or made small ceramic or glass items that reflect our faith or Scriptural items, principals or are used to celebrate the Feasts of the Lord.


Scripture PlatesThe four plates to the left were purchased as a set with the plate rack at Altmeyers Home Store about twelve years ago. Each plate has a different scripture as its design, they are:

John 14: I am the Way the Truth and the Life

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Messiah

Isaiah ?? Trust in the Lord and fear not

Jeremiah 33:3 Call unto Me and I will answer you
* Are encouraged and inspired to continually walk in His ways
* Are reminded that we are part of Yisrael
* Can share about our beliefs and faith in YHWH and his Word because these visual images of our faith can spark conversations with others
* Are creating a beautiful atmosphere in our home that brings glory to the Most High

Do you have images of your Faith in your home?

Have you made anything to display or use for the Biblical Feasts of the Lord? Please share with us.


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