Make Healthy Bread and Boost Your Nutrition

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I want to share some information and resources so that you can make healthy bread and boost your nutrition level at home.

Homemade bread smells wonderful and is delicious to eat but just because it’s homemade doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

Using store bought flour that hasn’t been in the freezer means the flour has lost nearly all of its nutritional value. Even whole wheat flour that you purchase right off of the shelf with the bleached flours isn’t any better. To learn more about why store-bought whole wheat flour isn’t very healthy or nutritious, read our article entitled: Flour for the Masses.

Baking with sprouted grains or culturing your flour helps with digestion and can benefit those who think they may be gluten intolerant. If you haven’t been diagnosed as such, then try this method first. Even if you don’t have a grain digestion problem this method will help to boost your digestion and that means it will benefit your nutritional level too.

By using the links below you can learn some really good information about how to make healthy bread that will feed your body not just give you empty calories or non-beneficial carbohydrates.

Internet Resources for How to Make Healthy Bread

Here are some of my favorite sites on making healthier homemade bread:

I hope that you enjoy these resources and will make healthy bread and boost your nutrition level very soon.

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