Who Is Violet?

The Famous Miss Violet This is the famous Miss Violet who was my favorite hen. Violet, was super friendly and she had the biggest personality. She was a member of the Australorp breed of chickens that was developed in Australia from the British Orpington breed line.

This lil gal chose me – and her funny, affectionate and friendly personality won my heart in no time. She wanted to visit with me all the time and she was a talker, “BUUUUUCK buck buck buck buck!” This hen could talk non-stop all day long.

Violet had a habit of coming to my door and tapping on it with her beak – to call me to come outside. She would tap, tap, tap and then BUUUUUCK, buck buck, to call me and if I ignored her… she would fly up so she could see in the window. This would keep up until I would finally go outside and sit down to visit with her.

As soon as I was seated, she would hop up in my lap and look at me with her big brown eyes. She would fix my hair to suit her funky hen style. She would check out my watch to see what time it was and if I was wearing earrings she would look them over too. Then she would start talking … and she would talk my ear off.

Listen to Violet Sing

She told me all about who was being the hussy and squatting for the roosters, about who laid the biggest egg, who didn’t lay at all, and who was hoarding the treats. Speaking of treats, I would usually feed her some treats and pet her and she would fall asleep in my lap.

If I wasn’t quick enough closing the kitchen door behind me, she would walk right in to my kitchen. I would turn around and there she would be standing by the kitchen table talk, talk, talking.  Chickens are very curious by nature, and Violet would follow me around the kitchen watching everything I did. She never got in my way and always behaved ~ such a good girl.

Sweet Violet, is gone to sleep now but her memory lives on in my heart and on my website – all because a dear friend who designed the header for this site decided to included a chicken graphic as a surprise! This little chicken graphic, now named Violet, has become the website mascot. She helps me with the newsletter and sometimes answers emails if I am busy. You will find her doing all sorts of things around Posey’s Place. Everyone needs a Violet!

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