My Journey to Torah

In these broadcasts (parts 1 to 4) Posey shares  her story of how she came to the knowledge that her Faith had Hebrew Roots and how she and Avi began to walk this out in their life. She shares several of the startling revelations they had to work through such as learning that God was not the name of our Heavenly Father, the pagan origins and current traditions of Christmas and Easter, and that our Heavenly Father specified which items were clean and food and which were unclean and therefore not food and not to be eaten.

In Part One of this four part series, Posey begins to share the unique story of how she came to walk in Torah. In this episode, she shares about her childhood desire to do the things that are written about in the first five books of Moses. Her introduction to the Passover celebration at a very young age and the ways that she attempted to introduce a little Hebraic/Jewish culture and tradition in the Sunday School classes that she taught in her local church. Her passion and desire for Hebraic things never seemed to die but she didn’t understand how she could do the things that were in her heart because she knew no one else who believed as she did.

Listen to the Audios

You can listen to the complete series of broadcasts My Journey to Torah ~ Parts 1 to 4 using the audio players below. If you would like to download and save to your computer or mp3 player visit Posey’s Podcast website here.

Listen to Part One here:

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Resource List for items mentioned in the Broadcasts

  • The John Parsons article Names of God on the Hebrew 4 Christians website




  • Steve McConnell’s music recording “We Delight In Your Shabbat” the song is entitled, Vayikra Shemo


  • Truth or Tradition by Jim Staley this is a very good teaching about the traditions of Christmas and Easter – we highly recommend it
  • Fossilized Customs by Lew White – caution this book is not for the faint of heart who desire to hang on to the traditions of their past. It will shake many traditions not just Christmas and Easter


  • Hope Eagan’s Holy Cow Does God Care What We Eat?

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