My Skylight

My SkylightWe have had some very dark and rainy days this past week and inside my house it just seems dark. I spend most of my day working at my desk and on the computer and so I am inside quite a bit. When it is dark outside during the day, it gets to me. I think the lack of light affects my mood.

Today, I decided that I needed a change so I moved some furniture and created an office area at the far end of our living room. I positioned my desk immediately under one of our skylights. What a blessing to be able to look up and see the sky and clouds and to have the sun shine down on me while working! Today there is no rain and I was able to take of photo of the skylight.

The skylight is slanted to match the pitch of our roof and below the skylight area there are five boards that probably held plants for the previous owners. I love plants but I didn’t place any there because I wanted to keep the view unobstructed.

Yes, it’s a simple joy to be able to see outside when we have to be in and working.

Every Blessing,

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