Natural Cold and Flu Season Tips

Cold and Flu SeasonHave you been looking for some natural cold and flu season tips?

The fall and winter seasons are fraught with illness causing germs, bacteria and viruses. People are getting the common cold and both head and stomach viruses all winter long. When one person in your family, office, school or congregation gets sick then it seems to make the rounds and eventually everyone else gets sick too.

Are your only choices:

          flu shots
                 prescription drugs and
                       over the counter medications?

If you are looking for natural alternatives…help is one the way. Read on to learn some natural cold and flu season tips!

Boost Your Body’s Frequency and Nutrition

Raw foods and essential oils help put light and energy, which are YHWH’s life force, back into the body. Increase your dietary consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables and eat as many as possible in a fresh or raw state.  Cooked foods do not have light or energy to fuel the body or help restore the body’s depleted energy or frequency when sick.  Raw fruits and vegetables contain vital elements for building a healthy body and fighting infection.  Juicing and/or using a Vitamix are good ways to eat raw while increasing the quantity of fruits and vegetables that you can eat in a day.  All of this adds up to more antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients to help your body function the way YHWH intended.

Using Remnant Remedy’s SHeMeN (therapeutic grade 100% pure essential oils) help the body to rid itself of disease and to be restored – these SHeMeN have the ability to raise the body’s frequencies at a cellular level.

Science has discovered that PRAYER, which is now considered energy medicine, makes a greater difference by raising the body’s frequency level by 15MHz.  Is it any wonder you feel better after you have prayed with someone over a certain condition or matter? Not surprising then that Scripture tells us “if any of us are sick that we should call the elders to anoint us with oil and pray for us” (James 5:14, Luke 6:13).

Get More Rest

With the change in seasons, we naturally have shorter days and longer nights during the fall and winter months.  This is Father’s way of notifying the plants and animals that they need to get more rest and to sleep longer – they take notice and follow His lead.  Unfortunately, we humans do not follow that same lead which applies to us as well.  We just turn on more lights and keep on working while ignoring YHWH’s natural rhythm for the earth, which, is His Creation.  What shall we do?

Try to get more rest than you are accustomed to because sufficient rest is another way that our bodies and immune system are built up.  An over tired, sleep deprived body is more likely to get sick because it dramatically weakens the immune system, can accelerate tumor growth and impairs ones thinking and memory abilities.

To help you relax and go to sleep remember these tips:

  • Darken your bedroom as much as possible, light inhibits proper sleep.  This is especially true if you don’t get up and rise with the sun and go to bed and lay down to sleep with the sunset. Darkness is what triggers the body to increase melatonin, a natural hormone your body produces needed for proper sleep.  Even artificial lighting in your home is bright enough to prevent the release of the melatonin needed to tell your body to sleep.  Light or sunlight tells the body to wake up, become alert and increase body temperature.  Isn’t Father’s ways and creation of light and darkness amazing?
  • Avoid caffeine beverages. Caffeine strips the body of complex B vitamins and over stimulates the body’s heart and metabolism. Caffeine is linked to triggering arthritis and gout flare ups and impacting the adrenals possibly leading to high blood pressure.
  • Drink plenty of purified water throughout the day and use the bathroom just before bedtime.
  • Establish a consistent bedtime routine which may include a warm bath or shower, use of relaxing SHeMeN (essential oils) such as Remnant Remedy’s blend of SERENITY, HaDaSsaH, CoHeN, Blends of Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Lavender, and quiet activities that won’t over stimulate your brain just prior to bedtime.
  • Turn off electronics (TV’s, computers, e-readers, iPods, cell phones, portable phones) at least one hour before going to bed because they all emit electro-magnetic fields that disrupt your body’s natural production of melatonin and serotonin.  Additionally, if you can, move your cell phones outside of the bedroom and move the alarm clock away from the body as far as possible.
  • Making or purchasing pure 100% flax linen sheets and/or sleepwear is beneficial for the body’s well being.  Sleeping in and on linen has been witnessed by many who have reported that they have a better night’s sleep. Sleeping between linen sheets and sleep wear give a sense of comfort and restoration to the body when used in combination with SHeMeN (pure essential oils).  It also helps reduce static, especially in the winter, which prevents the body’s electrical circuitry to flow and function properly. You might like to read my article about insomnia, click here or listen to a radio broadcast about this topic and peace (shalom.)

Include Moderate Exercise Each Day

Did you know that lymph fluid needs to circulate throughout your body as part of a healthy immune system?  However, our body doesn’t have a lymph pump to move the fluid; therefore, we are given that responsibility by YHWH.  How do you get the lymph fluid to move?  Simply by moving your body via walking, jogging, working out or even 10 minutes of jumping on a rebounder.

All of these activities help to get the lymph fluid moving and circulating throughout our bodies. This is one of the ways “massaging” or “anointing” helps the body. The massaging action and the movement from extremity towards the chest help to manually mobilize lymph fluids.

  • To help assist your body’s lymphatic system and liver to rid itself of toxins when you are sick, try the following:

Mix 4 – 6 drops of Remnant Remedy CYPRESS essential oil with 5 – 10 drops of a carrier oil or use CIRCLE of LIFE blend (which includes Cypress and the carrier oil of Fractionated Coconut Oil) and massage it into your armpits, under your jaw and your groin (where your leg attaches to your torso – NOT in your private area). These three areas are places in our body where lymph glands are located.

Controlling Germs

Wash your hands throughout the day, especially after using the toilet, coughing or blowing your nose.  Always wash your hands before and after you prepare or eat food. For more information about washing your hands and what is best to use, read our article here.


When taking essential oils internally, we only recommend Remnant Remedy 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. We can not comment on the results of using other brands. Remember for any natural remedy is it wise to give children and the elderly half of the suggested amounts. This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure.


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