Natural Moth Repellent Sachets

Easy to make all natural moth repellent sachets

It is easy to make your own natural moth repellent sachets from fresh dried herbs, essential oils, scraps of linen fabric and ribbon. The clothes eating moth is attracted to natural organic animal fibers such as wool, alpaca, mohair, cashmere and to animal furs like rabbit, mink and fox. The female moth lays her eggs on these fabrics and it is the lava that proceed to eat holes in the fibers as they grow. We recommend the use of natural moth and insect repellents instead of harsh or toxic chemicals. For very expensive garments the best protection is to have them cleaned and put into cold storage during the off-season.

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Watch our short video to learn how to make your own natural moth repellent sachets to put in your closets, drawers and off-season storage containers. Then follow the easy instructions below.

 Natural Moth Repellent Sachet Instructions

Instructions will make at least three moth repellent sachets that can be reused year after year.

Sachet Materials:

  • Lavender Blossoms
  • Cedarwood Chips
  • Lavender, Rosemary & Cedarwood Essential Oils
  • Mixing Bowl, Spoon and Canning Funnel
  • Linen or Cotton Fabric
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors and Ruler
  • Sewing Machine or Hand Sewing Needle & Thread

Sachet Instructions:

  • Measure and Cut three strips from the fabric that each measure 4 or 5 inches by 12 inches
  • Fold the strips in half so that they measure 3 or 4 by 6 inches 
  • With the fold at the bottom, and beginning at the bottom, sew along the sides to form a small bag with a 1/2 inch seam allowance
  • Re-enforce the ends by backing stitching on a sewing machine or overcast and knot well if hand sewing
  • Turn the small bags inside-out so that the seams will be on the inside
  • Press flat, if you like
  • Into mixing bowl place, 1 1/2 cups of lavender blossoms and 1 1/2 cups of cedarwood chips and mix well
  • To the contents of the bowl, place 10 drops of  each of the following essential oils; lavender, rosemary and cedarwood. Stir well to evenly distribute the essential oils throughout the herbal mixture.

We recommend Remnant Remedy brand essential oils because of their purity and potency. To order from us on the Remnant Remedy website follow this link to the lavender oil and then use the search box to add the rosemary and cedarwood oils.

  • Place the canning funnel into the top of each linen bag and fill half-way with the herbal mixture.
  • Press the contents of the bags tightly to compact
  • Twist the remaining fabric tightly and tie off with a piece of ribbon that is tied into a bow
  • Using pinking shears, cut any excess fabric from the top of the sachet – NOTE – leave at least a 2 inch head space beyond the ribbon

These natural moth repellent sachets are now ready to be used in your off-season storage containers, closets, garment bags or drawers. They can be re-used next year by opening and removing the contents into a bowl. Add additional essential oil as instructed above. Mix well and refill the bags and tie with ribbon.

We recommend that every two years you replace the herbal contents with fresh dried herbs and wood chips.

Additional herbals and Remnant Remedy essential oils that can be used are: rosemary leaves, peppermint leaves or whole cloves and the essential oils for those herbs and spices.

We hope you like these little natural moth repellent sachets and we hope that you make some of your own.

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