Natural Ways to Fight Infection

Natural Ways to Fight InfectionFighting Infection

In the Home

  • Place a drop or two of   SPICE TRADERS or BREATHE EZ into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together. Quickly cover your nose and mouth with your hands and inhale 10 deep breaths, breathing in through your nose as much as possible and exhaling through your mouth.  Do this several times a day.  You may want to alternate between these two essential oil blends as both are known to fight bacteria, viruses, and microbes.

In Your Body

Oregano essential oil is the most powerful natural antibiotic on the planet. It is more powerful than garlic and other natural remedies.

  • OREGANO essential oil is very powerful and feels hot to some people.  Do not get near the eyes!  One or two drops, at most, is sufficient for most internal applications per serving which is usually only 1 – 2 times per day.  Normally, 1 – 3 days of use is the most ever used for this powerful natural anti-biotic.

It is recommended with every application, to NOT ingest on an empty stomach and to follow-up with probiotics.  Following are three methods from gentle to harsh to ingest this SHeMeN into the body’s system.

Posey’s Gentle Method:  Place 3 drops of Olive Oil into an empty kosher gel capsule and then add 1 – 2 drops of OREGANO SHeMeN.  Close up the capsule.  Take with a meal twice a day.  DO NOT take on an empty stomach ~ it is best to take with a meal.

Remember Probiotics!  It is recommended that, after one hour of ingesting OREGANO oil, you take kefir, yogurt or a probiotic supplement such as Remnant Remedy’s ULTIMATE FLORA which contains 16 strains of probiotics.

Safety Bit

DO NOT get Oregano oil near or in the eyes!  If this happens accidentally, DO NOT add water as it will only make it worse!  Dilute with milk or cream. Remember that Oregano oil is powerful and may feel hot to the skin or mucus membranes. You can dilute it with olive oil or any carrier oil of your choice. If you have questions, please contact Posey by email using the link on the menu bar.

Anti-Plague Tonic

This recipe is easy to make in your kitchen and is very effective in helping your body fight infection, naturally. It includes four powerful herbs and one red-hot pepper in a natural health elixir. To learn more about this tonic, read here.

Prayer and Anointing

Last but NOT least – PRAY!  Don’t forget to anoint yourself or your loved ones with  SPICE TRADERS or BREATHE EZ by mixing 1 – 3 drops with equal or more carrier oil and massage it into lymph gland areas just under the jaw line and along the sides of the neck while PRAYING and asking YHWH to bring about healing and physical restoration!


When taking essential oils internally, we only recommend Remnant Remedy 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. We can not comment on the results of using other brands. Remember for any natural remedy is it wise to give children and the elderly half of the suggested amounts. This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure.

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