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My mom taEllure Plus Sewing Machineught me to hand sew when I was 7 years old. I used to make my own doll clothes this way but wished that I could learn how to use her sewing machine. When I was in third grade, she finally taught me how to use her Singer 501 machine with the knee speed control bar. I loved it! Over the years I made so many things and learned to make my own clothes.

When Avi and I married, he wanted me to have my own sewing machine. We went to the same store from which his mother had purchased her new sewing machine. I told the salesman that I was looking for a sewing machine like my mom’s which was nearly 20 years old. They didn’t have one and so I had to choose a different one. My husband suggested that I get the same one as his mother which was a Viking and rather expensive. I was worried to spend so much money but he believed that it would be a good investment, and that is what we purchased. I used that machine for 34 years and made so many things for our home and clothing for the children and myself over those years.

About a year and a half ago, that Viking sewing machine was finally ready for retirement. I was in the middle of several large sewing projects and it was very frustrating to continually have to rip out and re-do my work. At the same time, my reconditioned Singer serger machine was also acting up and causing me to become very frustrated. My husband was such a dear and told me to go and get new machines that would work as hard as my Viking had done.

Now the question was what brand to get? I have a dear friend in Texas who sews as much as me and she had recently purchased a Baby Lock serger, that she very much enjoyed using. I figured if she liked it then I should at least check this brand out. I got online to find a retailer that sold Baby Lock and discovered that the closest store was more than an hours drive away. Soooo, drive I did and I finally arrived at their shop which is out in the country.

I started out looking at Vikings and then the Baby Lock and when it was all over I was leaving the store with two new machines: a Baby Lock Enlighten serger and the Baby Lock Ellure Plus.

wave stitch patternThe Enlighten serger is awesome and it actually threads the upper and lower looper by itself! How awesome is that? Anyone that has ever struggled to thread a serger sewing machine will understand my joy. I think that hand threading a serger machine could make a person temporarily insane, especially when things don’t go right. This machine has a cool feature that allows you to make a fancy embroidered stitch along the serged edge. It’s called a wave stitch and you can see it in the photo above. Sorry, my photo really doesn’t do it the justice that it deserves. It is a lovely edging stitch that I have used many times over.

The Ellure Plus is a great regular sewing machine that can also embroider. I really like that it has variable speeds so that I can really slow it down when working on complicated curves or corners. There are so many great features to this sewing machine, I am still getting acquainted with what it can do.

Sewing is once again a JOY!

Things that I have made using these wonderful sewing machines:

Mens Tallit Kattan

Shalom Jerusalem Banner

Rejoice Sukkot Banner

Bible Cover and Matching Skirt

Our Yom Kippurim Sack Cloth Garments

Curtains, seat cushions and table cloth when we remodeled our camper

Several other small decor projects around our house.

Do you have sewing machines that you love or hate? What type of sewing projects to you make? Tell us about them!

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