Our Chicken Coop Layout

Inside view of chicken coopOur current chicken coop is a refitted shed that was on the property when we purchased it last year. The shed is circa 1950 and is just a wooden frame with sheet tin for the walls. Sometime in the past 12 years the exterior was covered in vinyl siding and electricity was added. It has a concrete floor, two ceiling fixtures and an outlet.

My husband cleared the inside out to make room for the chickens. The interior was lined with old metal kitchen cabinets on both side top and bottom with wooden boards for counter/workspace. After it was empty, Avi divided the interior space so that there would be a large area for the chickens and a smaller area for storage with a lattice wall between the two sides. He installed a screen door for easy access into the chicken side from our storage side.



When we go out of town, we open up the storage side and put bedding on the floor. We add extra feeders and water fountains and a short roost area.

This extra space helps the chickens to cope with being confined indoors while we are away for long weekends or on vacation.

By providing extra space it gives the timid chickens someplace to get away from the more dominant hens. There are multiple feeders so that everyone has an opportunity to eat and the timid girls aren’t being chased away from the feeders by the other hens.

When the weather is warm enough, we leave the metal front door into the shed/coop open and just latch the screen door. This screen door has been fitted with 1/2 inch hardware cloth to make it predator proof. During the summer months the metal door is propped open all day and night and the screen door has provided good protection. We keep a hasp latch on the screen door with a lobster claw hinged hook to prevent it from being opened.

Key to graphic:

1 Front Door

2 Screen Door into Chicken side

3 Window with hardware cloth screen

4 Chicken Door aka Pop Door

5 2X4 Wooden Roosts

6 Concrete Block Piers for Roosts

7 Nest Boxes – Double Stacked (6)

8 Ramp to Upper Level Nest Boxes

9 Hanging Water Fountain

10 Hanging Feeder

11 Granite Grit in rubber bowl

12 Oyster Shell Chips in rubber bowl

13 Feed Storage Drums (hold 50# bag)

14 Storage Cabinet

15 Bales of Wheat Straw

16 Pine Wood Shavings – Nest Material

17 Dog Crate – Isolation Pen

18 Folding Plastic Top Table

19 Lattice Wall Divider – small holes

20 Stand up Tools (Broom, Pitch Fork)

21 Solid Cube of Seeds, Feed, Treats

We hope that this information is helpful. To listen to Posey’s companion audio on this subject that aired on the Remnant Mama Radio Show use the player below.

We’d love to hear what you do, please share with us. If we can help you or answer questions, please email us and we will be sure to answer you.

Every Blessing,

Avi & Posey

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