Our Food & Eating Philosophy

LambIn other words, why we eat the way we do ~

Let’s face it… we’re not all the same, are we?

Your family may not have the same food or health beliefs as mine but you’re probably willing to grow and learn new things, right? So am I and I’m learning new things all the time.

Some of the things we believe:

We believe in a Creator, and we believe that YHWH (or Yahweh as we say here) is the Creator of the Universe. We believe that the entire Scripture is Yahweh’s  revealed instructions for living. If you’re not a believer, you’re still welcome  here — but we thought you’d want to know that we don’t believe in  evolution and other non-biblical things here.

We believe YHWH made green plants for our food and good health (Genesis 1:29-30).  When those green plants still have their God-given enzymes and  nutrients in them, they will be healthier for us. For that reason, we  try to eat “raw” foods that still have enzymes in them.

We also believe that some green plants are just easier for our  bodies to digest when they’re cooked, so we eat a lot of soups and  cooked veggies in our home. Since we don’t believe that man evolved over  many years but rather He created us (and were  intelligent enough to have fire, became farmers immediately, etc. ~ just read the book of Genesis), cooking is okay with us.

We’re not vegetarians but we do prepare some of our meals without meat. Eating only plants has its place  but we believe that God directed mankind to eat animals (Genesis 9:1-4) for our protection and benefit after the global flood of Noah’s time  (which, of course, we believe was a true, historical event). So we eat animal products in our home, with some of our meals and other meals are of the vegetarian sort.

We believe that the all of Scripture is for our benefit and  instruction, not just certain portions. Therefore, when God told Noah  (and later, Israel, and later included the new believers of renewed covenant) not to eat unclean meat with the lifeblood still in it, we believe that was for their health and benefit. That’s why we don’t eat pork, shellfish, and other “unclean”  meats (meat that came from animals that scavenge and eat blood). Those “unclean meats” that some consider to be food  are the same ones that the Creator of the Universe said were unclean and not to be eaten. As the Creator, we think He should know what is best for us humans. You can read His dietary instructions in Leviticus chapter 11 and Deuteronomy chapter 14.

We try to eat food in a form that is as close to how God created it as possible. That means we try to avoid using and eating commercially manufactured and highly processed food, opting instead for making as much of our food from scratch as we can. While we’re NOT perfect in this (and you need to know that, in case you should ever visit with us), it’s a goal we’re working towards.

And finally … We’re not perfect! We’re human, imperfect, give in to temptation and occasionally eat things that are not good for us and we can be bumbling idiots on many days. It would be wonderful to live to be hundreds of years old, wouldn’t it? But rather than making immortality our goal, we’re striving instead to have a good quality of life and to live our life for Him for as long as He chooses for us to have breath. We desire to serve Him, living our lives with love, peace and joy and with a heart of thankfulness for all that our Elohim has provided for us!  Our satisfaction comes through Him, not in our own ability to eat right or try to reach other forms of self-fulfillment.

Well that’s a glimpse at how we try to eat and why. What are some of the changes you are making to eat healthier?

We love to hear about them.

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