Our Swanky New Chicken Coop

Here are some photos of our swanky new chicken coop. We needed a chicken coop for the growing baby chicks we have been raising in the house. They are more than a month old now and need a home, outside. Avi wanted to build a small coop for them to live in until they are old enough to hang out with the big flock of adult chickens.

Here is the finished project. This was a dog house kit from Lowes but Avi made a few modifications so that we could use it for chickens.

It didn’t come with a door so Avi made one and he attached our favorite lock, a hasp with a swivel eye loop for us to put a lobster claw clasp through.



We have the coop elevated up off of the ground several inches, mostly so I don’t have to stoop over so far to unlock the doorWink. But it also gives the chicks some place to get under cover when it rains.

This is the view from the front of the coop. It has a window in the front and the back side to allow air flow. The kit came with clear plastic that was to be screwed over the openings. Avi stapled hardware cloth over them to allow the air to circulate and to prevent predators from attacking the babies at night. In the winter we will cover over the openings with the hard plastic.

The ramp is made from a scrape piece of closet shelving. I threaded thick rubberized shelf liner through it and it works great. We have been using ramps like this for three years. The chickens get some traction and they are easy to make and to hose off.



This is looking from the inside through the door out to the yard. I bought four large square tiles at Lowes for $1.20 each. They are vinyl over a thin layer of concrete. Avi cut three of them to fit on the floor. This makes it easier to clean and the chickens won’t be scratching the wood.

It’s not that we care about the wood, it’s just that we didn’t realize that the coop was made of cedar when we purchased it. After Avi had it just about finished and commented to me that it smelled so nice that I remembered cedarwood is toxic to chickens! Avi coated both the inside and the exterior with numerous coats of polyurethane to seal the wood. With the flooring down over top of the cedar boards (that are sealed too) we should be just fine.




Here’s a really cool thing about this coop, the roof raises up on one side! This is great, we can raise the roof during nice days to allow the air and sun to dry out the bedding quicker and it will make it so easy to clean out when needed.

I think that Avi did a great job and the babies have a new home. They really like their new diggs and have settled in very nicely.

If you want to see photo’s of these cute growing baby chicks, click here.




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