Oxine for Chicken Respiratory Ailments

By Posey’s friend Kelly

I recommend the use of Oxine AH.  No matter where you buy it, they will try to tell you that you need to buy the citric acid activator.  Just say you already have it, and you will avoid the argument I got about how it must be used.  You don’t need the activator for treating your poultry.

Oxine AH disinfects better than bleach and is being used in commercial poultry houses for sanitation and by breeders to treat upper respiratory fungal infections, bacterial infections, and viral infections.

I got Oxine AH from Revival Animal Health. There are other places you can get it from – I just went for the best price and quickest delivery.

Add 6.5 ounces of Oxine AH to 1 gallon of water and put it into a warm mist vaporizer.  Let the vaporizer run all night while the birds are asleep.  They will inhale the mist and the Oxine will clean out any fungus the birds might have in their trachea and lungs.

To clean the hen house, remove all bedding, nest material, water fountains and feeders.  Throw away the old bedding and nest material or burn it.   Run the vaporizer with the Oxine in it (or you can put this mixture into a spray bottle and spray all the surfaces.

Wash the water fountains and feeders in the Oxine solution also.  After the hen house is completely misted, put in the clean feeders, water fountains, bedding and nest material.

When you refill the water fountains, add just 15 drops of Oxine to 1 gallon of water.  Do this for a week, then once a week, every month.  I know that it sounds like you will be using a lot of Oxine, but really it is pretty inexpensive.  Typically, a jug lasts me just over one year.

The only time Oxine won’t work is if it’s administered after the bird’s own defenses have ‘walled off’ the fungus (put a coating over it to isolate it from the healthy cells). If this happens, the Oxine cannot make direct contact with the fungus, and therefore, cannot kill it. It is then up to the bird’s own defenses to recover.

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  1. Kristen Ramsey says:

    Have you heard of Vital Oxide? It seems to be made of the same stuff as Oxine AH, but I wasn’t sure whether it was an acceptable substitute for bird-fogging…

    • Sorry, but no, I haven’t heard of Vital Oxide. What does the manufacturer’s label and instructions say? If you are viewing this product online, there should be a way to contact the seller or manufacturer and ask them the same question. Sorry for the delay in replying

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