Parashah Reading Schedule

We read and study the entire volume of scripture but we like to join together with other believers and Jews around the world by following a Torah scripture reading calendar. This weekly reading cycle is known as a Parashah, which means portion in Hebrew.

Each weekly portions has a name that is derived from a significant Hebrew word in the first sentence of that week’s reading. Each week a different scripture portion is read as you travel through the books of the Torah and read selections from the Prophets, Psalms and companion scriptures in the Brit Chadasha (New Testament.)

There are two basic reading cycles or schedules a One Year and a Three Year plan. The One Year reading cycle begins in the fall with Genesis and ends the following year with the completion of Deuteronomy then begins again. The Three Year cycle moves at a slower pace and takes 3 years to cover the same scripture as in the One Year cycle.


Printable Reading Schedule

First Fruits of Zion provides a very nice One Year reading schedule each year that can be downloaded and printed out. Here is the link to their Parashah reading site which includes a brief commentary: FFOZ Torah Portions

Look on the right hand side for a link to their printable reading schedule, which we find to be very handy.


Hoshana Rabbah Parashah Commentary

Natan Lawrence of Hoshana Rabbah has a Parashah reading section on his site under the Teaching menu section. His commentaries are wonderful and very comprehensive. We strongly recommend reading through the annual Parashah cycle and using his commentaries for at least once in your walk with Elohim. His insights and explanations will help to open up the scripture for you and add to your time in Abba’s word. You will need a copy of a reading schedule so that you will know the name of each week’s portion commentary to coordinate with the scriptures for that week. His parashah web address is: Hoshana Rabbah Parshiot


Manna from Heaven Live Audio Parasha Commentary

Dave Matthews is a wonderful Torah teacher with regular teachings from the weekly Parashah that air on Hebrew Nation Radio. You can listen or download them here at the radio stations website by typing Dave Matthews into the search box.


El Shaddai Ministries Audio Commentary

Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries provides an audio commentary each week that you can access from his website or sign up for the podcasts via i-Tunes.  El Shaddai Ministries Audio Messages


Walk Series Parashah Commentary

We also like the parashah book set, Walk… by Jeffery Enoch Feinberg. He provides a separate book for each of the five books of Torah, Walk Genesis, Walk Exodus, Walk Leviticus, Walk Numbers, Walk Deuteronomy. The books provide some commentary, insight, and introduction to Biblical Hebrew and more. He breaks the reading portion into manageable daily bites and throws in some clever and fun memory helps. Here is one place to purchase this wonderful set: Walk Series Parashah Book Set


We hope that you will read through the Torah Parashah cycle at least once and try some of these commentaries. We know you will learn much and that Yahweh’s word will be a blessing to your heart.

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