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Below we have listed some activities that you and your children might enjoy doing as part of your Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread observations.

Blood on the Doorpost and Lintels

  • Tape red crepe paper (comes in rolls) across the top of the door frame (lentil) and down the sides of the door frame (door post) to remind us of YHWH’s instructions to His children to paint their doorpost and lentils with the blood of a lamb, just prior to Passover. This is a nice thing to do inside the house, particularly in a doorway that can be seen from the dinner table.
  • Tape white newsprint or butcher paper all around the door frame. Break off small branches of hyssop (an herb) or other similar looking plant to use as brushes. Fill a non-breakable glass or container with water. Tin the water RED, using red food coloring or water color or tempera paint. Have the children dip their hyssop brushes into the red water and paint the paper around the door frame to symbolize the painting of blood onto the doorpost and lentils.

Matzah Village

Materials, box/es of square matzah, glue, construction paper, scissors, poster board, small twigs, cotton balls, tooth picks.

Cut the poster board into 15 inch squares to use as a base.

Have each child write their name on their base. Using the matzah squares, break or cut them into pieces that will form the walls and roofs. Glue the pieces together to form a small hut or huts.

Make small sheep out of construction paper, cotton balls, with broken toothpick legs.

Add landscaping by coloring or gluing colored paper on to the base around the dwellings. Make pathways and pastures add the Nile River, etc. Use moss, pebbles, sand, twigs, Styrofoam, wooden craft sticks, fabric, or other objects that you find or have on hand.

Use the construction paper to make palm trees and glue them to the base so that they stand upright. Use twigs to make a pen for the sheep, ladders that go up from one level to another, etc. Don’t forget to paint red around the doorway (don’t use wet paint it may make the matzah soggy – try red markers or glue red paper around the doorway. Use your imagination!

NEW!!!  The Little Red Hen and the Passover Matzah by Leslie Kimmelman – such a cute book, and it’s about chickens!

Leaping  Frogs
·    Tell the part of the Passover story about the plague of frogs and allow the children to play leap frog
·    Using an origami book, make folded paper frogs and make them leap all over the place – Jewish Holiday Origami by Joel Stern

Origami Frogs that Hop

Other Ideas for Games and Activities:

Jewish Holiday Games for Little Hands (Activity Books) – Paperback (Aug. 1995) by Ruth Esrig Brinn and Sally Springer

Family Theater
During the week of Unleavened Bread have a Family Theatre Night. You can watch movies about the Exodus and Passover or work with the children to write out scripts, make costumes and props and together act out the story yourselves.

Movie Ideas:
The Ten Commandments  Dougray Scott (Actor) 2006, Rated: PG-13 | Format: DVD

The Ten Commandments Starring Elliott Gould, Christian Slater, Ben Kingsley, 2008, Rated: PG | Format: DVD

The Ten Commandments Starring Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner, Anne Baxter, 1956, Rated: G | Format: DVD

The Prince of Egypt Animated, Starring Val Kilmer, Ralph Fiennes, Michelle Pfeiffer, 2006, Rated: G | Format: DVD

Lamb Chop’s Chanukah & Passover Surprise  Shari Lewis, 1997, Rated: G | Format: DVD

Shalom Sesame: It’s Passover, Grover!  Anneliese van der Pol, Jake Gyllenhaal, 2010, Rated: NR | Format: DVD

Other Frogs

·         Use Fimo clay and bake

·         Use pompoms and googly eyes

Plagues on a Stick

Use large color pages or print from the computer enlarged to fit an 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper. Color or paint each plague and glue on a sheet of cardboard, then cut out. Glue a large craft stick or small diameter dowel to the back. As each plague is mentioned have the children and or guests hold up the appropriate plague on a stick.

NEW!!! Placards

NEW!!! Plagues on a Plate – very cool craft idea, here

Passover Craft Idea Websites


This site is selling kits in bulk packs which are expensive however just be looking at the finished items you can get some great ideas

Passover Print Color and Activity Pages

Family Activities

Perfectly Passover: A Dozen Ideas to Help Make Your Holiday More Fun Than Ever

More Ideas

  • Bags of plastic plagues for the children to play with as each plague is discussed
  • Cups of Hail (styrofoam balls) for adults to throw up in the air when hail is talked about. The children get to gather up the hail and whoever has the most, gets a small prize
  • Plastic goblets for the children to drink their grape juice from
  • Paper table cloth and the family draws images from the Exodus story on it. Can also include stickers as part of the décor
  • Print out pictures of matzah from the computer and fold in half to make name tags

 Lots of fun stuff here!



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